The AMO Marketplace

AMOpportunites is a marketplace for international medical trainees, providing streamlined access to four-week clinical experiences in the United States. By matching, coordinating, recruiting, and advocating for international medical students and graduates, AMOpportunities bridges the gap between trainees looking for clinical experience in America and the many American physicians, clinics, and hospitals looking to fill rotation positions.

The process is centralized on our website. To begin, potential applicants make an account and submit a resume. Our team will review the resume and approve eligibility. Interested trainees can use the online dashboard to search through specialties, tags, and locations for a program that interests them. AMOpportunities can even suggest programs for particular interests and preferred locations. Every clinical experience is depicted in full transparency. All details, including the clinical experience schedule, mapped locations, activities, academic and residency affiliations, reviews, and affiliated hospitals, are included in each description.  


Reservations are made by submitting a $499 non-refundable deposit. If students choose not to embark on an AMO opportunity, this deposit can either be turned into a voucher for another program or sold to a friend.

Enrollment is finalized when the necessary paperwork is submitted. To attend an AMOpportunities experience, applicants must submit immunizations, health insurance, proof of eligibility, professional liability insurance (for hands-on rotations), and any other paperwork needed from the hospital. The online dashboard serves as the platform for gathering and submitting all paperwork and sending in payments.


When enrollment is confirmed, AMOpportunities helps students prepare for the clinical experience. AMOpportunites provides placement and invitation letters for obtaining a B-1 visa. Additionally, AMOpportunites suggests available and reasonably priced housing based on the location of the clinical site. For hands-on rotations, AMOpportunities can even add medical students to their professional liability insurance coverage for $150.  

Based on their performance at the end of their experience, trainees can receive a letter of recommendation from their physician. Through AMOpportunities, trainees can build qualifications and enrich medical knowledge either for job applications back home or for joining a United States residency program.

AMOpportunities is there to guide students through every step of the process. From suggesting programs to satisfy particular interests to streamlining the application and enrollment process, AMOpportunities provides the simplicity, access, and transparency to help students through their clinical experience.

We want to help you find your own U.S. clinical rotation! Head to our website to find your perfect match.