Dr. G Richard Olds’ article in Investor’s Business Daily highlights the need for more international doctors in the United States. Drawing on data from various academic studies, Dr. Olds discusses how foreign medical doctors impact the overall health of the American population for the better.

A recent study by Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health showed that Medicare patients treated by a foreign doctor had better survival rates than those treated by a U.S.-trained physician. Often times, foreign-trained physicians have a leg up in treating U.S. patients. While these international doctors are highly qualified, the broad cultural background of these international medical graduates also allows them to exhibit the proper cultural competency needed to care for a diverse American population of patients.

The need for foreign doctors can help contribute to fulfilling the shortage of doctors that the United States will experience in the coming years. The Association of American Medical Colleges estimates a shortage of 105,000 doctors by the year 2030. As Dr. Olds points out, rural and underserved areas of the United States will be the hardest hit with this impending shortage. The Immigrant Doctor’s Project, which emerged following the Executive Order banning entry of immigrants from six Middle Eastern nations, is a comprehensive study that found that foreign doctors serve the majority of underserved and rural populations in the United States. At the moment, visa benefits do exist to attract foreign doctors to work in these areas. While the travel ban, although no longer in effect, discouraged some international medical graduates from coming to the U.S. to practice, their help is still vastly needed to fulfill the impending shortage of doctors.  

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