New Study Finds Danger in Eating Centipedes

Don’t eat raw centipedes. That piece of advice may seem commonsense, but in China, centipedes are used in traditional medicine. Typically prescribed for epilepsy, stroke, cancer, tetanus or rheumatoid arthritis, the arthropods are supposed to be ingested dried, powdered or after being steeped in alcohol—not raw. Scientists in China found evidence that eating raw centipedes […]

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Free rides and meals from insurance help patients' health.

Keeping Patients Healthy

Typically, insurers reimburse for procedures and services for patients, but for some, that is slowly starting to shift. Many insurance companies are focusing on preventative health, meaning they deliver fresh meals to those with special medical conditions or pay for social workers who visit stroke victims. In one specific example, one woman receives free rides […]

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Becoming Accustomed to the US

Beginning a U.S. medical career presents international medical graduates (IMGs) with their own challenges, including learning a new language, and becoming accustomed to a new culture, customs and healthcare landscape. Through the process of acculturation, IMGs adopt the practices and values of American culture while still retaining the culture and customs of their native country. […]

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