In the field of primary care medicine, the United States faces an ongoing physician shortage. Two factors that contribute to this are the spot limitations within U.S. medical schools and those in residency slots. This bottleneck effect at the residency position means that as the physicians retiring outnumbers the new, practicing physicians, the shortage becomes an essential problem that the American medical community needs to deal with. Hence, the demand for international medical graduates to practice in the United States will only grow greater. AMOpportunities’ mission is to help these graduates with clinical rotation experience in the United States and lessen the shortage for future physicians.

Neal Simon, president and co-founder of the American University of Antigua College of Medicine, names two factors that factor into this shortage.

“There are two issues here. One is that being able to obtain an undergraduate degree is extremely limited. There were 53,000 applicants to U.S. medical schools this year. The medical schools will say, ‘It’s not that people aren’t qualified, it’s that we only have a certain number of qualified applicants.’ The second part of the problem is that in order to get a license you need three years of residency training, and the number of residency slots has not increased by any real measure.”

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