Fountain of Youth

The Fountain of Youth

Stay young forever—that’s the dream (or at least for some people). Ambrosia Medical—a startup—is trying to capitalize on that desire. The company fills the veins of older people with fresh blood from young donors. The idea being that the blood will help conquer aging by rejuvenate the body’s organs. By the end of this year, […]

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A Brilliant Medical Student

A Medical Student Thriving Despite All Odds

Feb. 28, 2007, was just a normal day for Chris Connolly. He went to school and then water polo practice. But then everything changed when an accident during practice left him a quadriplegic. Eleven years later, Chris is still a quadriplegic—he’s regained limited motion in his arms and legs from physical therapy—now thriving as a […]

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Doe Deere and her family worked hard to 'make it in America.'

An American Tale

Twenty years ago—as a 17-year-old—Xenia Vorotova moved from Russia to the United States. As a young girl, she gleaned the message that in the United States anything was possible from popular music, magazines and movies about the country. Vorotova, her mother and younger sister moved to New York City. While her mother had been a […]

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Crissia and Doctor Los Angeles

Share Your AMO Story: Crissia

Occassionally AMO has students who enjoy rotations so much, they take two! Crissia, a fourth year medical student from Brazil, was one of these individuals. Crissia completed two rotations in sunny California and found a new specialty to pursue. Here’s Crissia’s Story… Reporting for Surgery Even before I was a medical student I wanted to […]

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3 Steps for After Your Medical School Interviews

After interviews, many medical school applicants may think their work is over. They’ve completed the admissions process, and it seems there isn’t much to do. That shouldn’t be the case. Once the admissions committees are finished making their decision, you’ll need to make one on where to attend if you are accepted. These three steps […]

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