AMOpportunities offers rotations and observerships in many different specialties across the United States. Hear about the experiences of Jose, one of our visitors from Mexico.  

I loved my clinical rotation in Richardson, Texas with Dr. Mania.  

First, I’m a Mexican fourth year medical student, and I’ve been wanting to do a clinical rotation in the U.S. since my second year of college because I want to do my residency here in the U.S.  

My favorite part of the experience was when I asked the doctor for a bibliography recommendation to study. He told me that I could get any book from his office. Star struck, it was a wonderful moment.  

My rotation helped me a lot with my medical vocabulary. I overcame my fears of learning a new language and studying for the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE).  

An AMOpportunities rotation is one of the best ways to start studying in the United States. This experience will also help you as a doctor by helping you see medicine from a different country’s point of view. Medicine is a huge and beautiful career, so you have to give your best if you really want to succeed.  

Right now, I’m doing another AMOpportunities clinical rotation in New York for general surgery and will do another next month in Chicago for emergency.  

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