Direct affiliations allow IMGs to get credit at their home schools, increase their chances of matching, and provide them with direct access to hospital staff. We’re excited to announce our new direct affiliation with Miami Beach Community Health Center—an ACGME residency site—to bring international medical students and graduates the most trusted clinical experiences. Located in Miami Beach, Florida, MBCHC is an excellent option for individuals looking to apply for a residency position because of its ACGME accreditation. This program is also affiliated with Florida International University, Nova Southeastern University, and Mt. Sinai Medical Center. 

Students who partake in this clinical experience will have the opportunity to work with not one, but a team of physicians in the medical specialty they choose. With four specialties, MBCHC provides students a centralocation to complete multiple clinical experiences back-to-back. With these clinical experiences taking place entirely in the clinic setting, visitors can familiarize themselves with the U.S. medical system in a short period. Continue reading below for more information on the benefits of a MBCHC clinical experience! 

Customizable Experiences 

AMO currently offers four medical specialties at MBCHC for visitors to choose from 


These four-week, inpatient experiences are best suited for current medical students in their third year or later and graduates. Visitors may be eligible for either an observership or a hands-on experience depending on their educational status. During the rotation, visitors will see up to 20 patients per day with the opportunity for daily rounds at Miami area hospitals.  

Noteworthy Letter of Recommendation  

All visitors who participate in a clinical experience with AMO have the opportunity to earn an LoR from their preceptor. Miami Beach Community Health Center offers its visitors an LoR on their letterhead, an ACGME residency site.

For more information on ACGME Affiliations and the value they hold, read our post, “An Overview of ACGME-Affiliated Programs.”  

Great Location 

Located in coastal Miami, the clinical experiences offered with MBCHC give the students ample time to enjoy the favorable weather, beaches, and tourist attractions. General clinic hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., which allows visitors to spend their evenings and weekends as they would like.  

Miami has something for everyone. For those interested in shopping and nightlife, the city’s active downtown is a great hangout. For a calmer weekend close to nature, visitors can check out the everglades to the west and Biscayne Bay to the east.  

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