Are you looking for something one step above the average clinical experience? Do you want something longer, more immersive, and which provides one-on-one professional guidance? We just partnered with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) to create a clinical experience in internal medicine that checks the boxes above and more!

UPMC is comprised of 40 hospitals and is considered one of the best hospital networks in Pittsburgh and the state of Pennsylvania. UPMC is currently ranked in the top 15 hospitals in the U.S., and is a valuable name to have on a letter of recommendation or included in your C.V. Continue reading below for specific program details and how participating in this clinical experience can benefit your medical educational and professional plans.


Program Details


This 12-week clinical experience is best for medical graduates planning to apply for and complete their medical residency in the U.S. Visitors will spend their time during the observership rotating with an internist to develop the skills needed during a U.S. medical residency. Patients will see roughly 50 patients a week during hospital rounds and clinic visits.

Those who complete this clinical experience are eligible to receive two letters of recommendation, one from their supervising physician and another from an attending physician. It is important to note that these letters are merit-based, meaning the physician will determine if the visitor’s performance is satisfactory enough to receive these letters. To increase the chance of receiving these letters, visitors should be responsible, respectful, hardworking, and show a real interest in the clinical experience. Consistency is key!


Benefits of this Experience


    • Enhance Communication Skills Through Group Work: You will meet with a small group once a week, during which you will exercise your problem-solving skills. This is also a good opportunity to test out your professional communication skills and new medical terminology.


    • Practice Assessing and Evaluating Patients: You will have access to patient medical records which may help as you work to find the best treatment methods for patients.


    • Receive Professional Mentorship: Your preceptor will provide insight on improving your C.V. and how to write personal statements that will stand out. This individual may also help you prepare for residency interviews so you can have the best chance of getting into the residency program you want.


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UPMC Fun Facts


    • UPMC’s primary branch was founded in 1893; that’s over 125 years ago!


    • Combined, UPMC’s buildings have over 8,000 beds.


    • UPMC has an international division with locations in China, Italy, Ireland, and Kazakhstan.


    • Famous individuals who received medical care through UMPC include racecar driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., golfer Arnold Palmer, and Manchester United team member, Zlatan Ibrahimović.


    • Television shows Heartland and Three Rivers were inspired by UPMC.