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AMO Ambassadors are past AMO visitors and medical students from around the world. They know the importance of real-world medical training and want to share it with others!

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Alejandro | Mexico
Orthopedic Surgery at St. Anthony Hospital in Chicago, IL

Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara

Alejandro was able to complete a U.S. clinical experience in the specialty that he plans to pursue: Orthopedic Surgery with a focus on sports-related injuries. “The most memorable part about my AMO rotation was to get to work with people from another culture and different backgrounds but with the same passion and love for medicine.”

Augusto | Italy
Neurosurgery with Chief of Neurosurgery at St. Barnabas Hospital in Bronx, New York

University of Messina

Augusto participated in a neurosurgery rotation with AMO in 2019. This experience led him to publish and present peer-reviewed research on sinking bullet syndrome. Augusto graduated from medical school in 2020 and is now completing a Neurosurgery residency in Germany.

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Beatriz | Brazil
IM/Pulmonary Disease at Florida Lung Asthma Sleep Specialists in Kissimmee, Florida

Universidade Metropolitana de Santos

Beatriz completed a pulmonary disease rotation in Florida during 2019. While there, she rotated at two Orlando-based hospitals and networked. Before rotating, Beatriz planned to practice medicine in Brazil; she’d now like to become a U.S. physician.

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Besmira | Albania
Pediatrics at Specialty Care Clinic in New York, New York

University of Medicine, Tirana

Medical graduate Besmira completed a pediatrics rotation with AMO in 2017. Since then, she’s worked in a family medicine office and rediscovered an interest in academic medicine. She’s now an assistant professor in Albania and is working towards a Ph.D. in Microbiology.

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Bhageeta | Malaysia
Neurology at Dent Neurologic Institute in Amherst, New York

Melaka Manipal Medical College

Bhageeta’s neurology rotation with AMO took her to New York, where she was able to enjoy the city and her preceptor’s mentorship. Once she earns her medical license, Bhageeta hopes to give back to others by providing care in rural and impoverished areas.

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Bibiana | Brazil
OBGYN/Reproductive Endocrinology with Assistant Clinical Professor, UCLA, in Laguna Niguel, California

Catholic University of Pelotas 

Bibiana’s AMO rotation “was one of the richest experiences of my life as a medical student. I constantly share with my colleagues, and friends that work in the health department about it, and encourage them to do a rotation.”

Blanca |
IM/Nephrology with Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas
Cardiology with Assistant Professor, New York University in NYC

University of Valencia School of Medicine

Blanca rotated with AMO to secure LoRs; she planned to use these to apply for U.S. medical residency. She matched into MedStar Georgetown Washington Hospital Center’s internal medicine program in 2021.

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Jaime | Ecuador
Pediatrics at AMITA Health Resurrection Medical Center Professional Building in Chicago, Illinois

Universidad de Especialidades Espíritu Santo

Jaime completed a Chicago-based pediatrics rotation with fellow AMO Ambassador Krystel. He graduated from medical school in 2021 and hopes to become a general or plastic surgeon in Ecuador.

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Jennifer |
Internal Medicine with Adjunct Instructor, Department of Medicine, NYU Langone Health in New York, New York

Université Notre Dame d’Haiti

Jennifer rotated with AMO in New York; she selected internal medicine to get a holistic view of the U.S. healthcare system. In the future, Jennifer plans to go into public health. She believes that medicine has the power to bring people together.


Jose F. | Belgium

Cores at Saint Anthony Hospital, Chicago, IL 

Lekarska Fakulty Karlovy

Jose has participated in four AMO rotations! His latest clinical experience was virtual—it allowed him to rotate with a U.S. Harvard residency director from the comfort of home. In the future, Jose hopes to obtain European and U.S. medical licenses.

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Jose G. |
IM/Gastroenterology with Medical Director at Digestive Health in Chicago, Illinois

Anahuac University

Jose rotated with us in 2018 and is now on the journey to securing U.S. medical residency. As a medical graduate in Mexico, he is preparing for the USMLE. Once accepted into a program, he will be one step closer to earning the title of internist.

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Josue | Peru
Internal Medicine at Harlem Medical Center in Bridgeview, Illinois

Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos

Peruvian medical student Josue imagines a future as a pediatrician or oncologist. He views health as a gift and hopes it’s something he can give to patients once he graduates and establishes his professional career. Josue rotated with fellow AMO Ambassador and friend Pedro.

Krystel |
Pediatrics at AMITA Health Resurrection Medical Center Professional Building in Chicago, Illinois

Universidad de Especialidades Espíritu Santo

Krystel rotated with fellow AMO Ambassador Jaime in Chicago. She’s a medical graduate, cancer survivor, and mental health advocate. Soon, she hopes to take on a new role–that of a pulmonologist or rheumatologist!

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Matthew |
General Surgery with Assistant Professor of Surgery, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Virtual

St. George’s University School of Medicine

Matt found AMO’s virtual rotation as a first-year medical student. He signed up for one to keep him busy over a holiday break. He plans to become a general surgeon and eventually participate in an in-person rotation with AMO.

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Mir | India

RAK Medical College

Mir is a current medical student from India who is hoping to pursue a residency in the U.S. in the future. He feels that a clinical experience with AMO can add value to an IMG’s medical education, encouraging an appreciation for cultural diversity.


Mohamed |
Urology at The Lennar Foundation Medical Center at the University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida

University of Alexandria Faculty of Medicine

During 2019, Mohamed participated in a urology rotation. He took advantage of supplemental clinical experience hours on the weekends to practice his clinical skills further. After graduation, Mohamed plans to apply for U.S. medical residency.

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Noura |
Obstetrics & Gynecology at Bethany Women’s Healthcare in Phoenix, Arizona

Cairo University

Noura balances being a physician with her roles as an AMO Ambassador and mom. While Noura earned her degree from Cairo University, she is always learning new skills. She hopes to open her own clinic in Jordan someday.

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Oscar | Colombia
Internal Medicine at Jackson Park Hospital in Chicago, Illinois

Universidad Libre Seccional Cali

Oscar grew up in Colombia and knew from an early age that he wanted to be a doctor. During his AMO rotation, Oscar had the opportunity to have a hands on experience, which was a very enriching experience. Regarding the journey to becoming a doctor Oscar says, “The pathway is long and hard, but it will be worth it.”

Pedro |
Internal Medicine at Harlem Medical Center in Bridgeview, Illinois

Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos

Pedro coordinated his rotation with fellow ambassador Josue. Pedro is interested in hematology and oncology. He likes the idea of using AMO rotations to build connections—in his opinion; networking and research are critical to having success in medicine.

Raad |
Family Medicine with Preceptor for Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida
Dermatology with Residency Preceptor, Broward Health Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Sulaiman Alrajhi University

A resident of Jordan, Raad is attending medical school in Saudi Arabia. He completed back-to-back rotations in Florida at the onset of COVID-19. Raad believes valuing personal connections separates great doctors from good ones.

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Rafael |
Internal Medicine with Assistant Professor, University of South Florida College of Medicine in Tampa, Florida

Universidade Metropolitana de Santos

Rafael completed an internal medicine rotation with AMO in Tampa, Florida. Rafael managed his time well so he could enjoy tourist attractions, in addition to educational activities. Rafael hopes to become a successful plastic surgeon.

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Reem | Saudi Arabia
Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit at the University of Miami, International Medicine Institute, Virtual

Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University

Reem, a medical student in Saudi Arabia, fell in love with medicine early on. She was inspired to pursue a profession in this field as her mother and sister are physicians. Reem is interested in internal medicine and sports medicine.

Hear about Reem’s rotation >

Tarisai | Zimbabwe

Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University

Taisai is using AMO rotations to earn LoRs. His overarching goal is to apply for U.S. residency after graduating from school. Taisai’s love of medicine began early—he wanted a career that would allow him to give back to others. With hard work and dedication, he knows this is possible.