How to Create an ERAS Account

Thinking of applying to a residency program in the United States? You will likely use the Electronic Residency Application System (ERAS). ERAS streamlines the application process for applicants, deans, letter of recommendation (LoR) authors, and program directors. AMOpportunities has put together a guide for International Medical Graduates (IMGs) to help create an ERAS account and begin the […]

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Why Physicians Marry Physicians

Physicians always joke that there is always at least one couple that gets married during residency training. According to AMA Wire, about 40% of physicians marry other healthcare professionals, which creates both challenges and benefits. Here are 4 points to consider:   1) Similar life timing and availability are the major reasons why physicians marry other healthcare professionals, according […]

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Nurse takes a patients pulse during a nursing clinical experience

Are Nursing Clinical Experiences Necessary?

  Medical school students need clinical experiences to become physicians in the U.S. as a requirement of the National Resident Matching Program. So, if nurses don’t have to apply to the NRMP, is a nursing clinical experience really needed? Clinical experiences in nursing are necessary because they provide a real-world educational experience and can contribute […]

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10 Popular Cities for A Rotation with AMO

AMOpportunities provides on-demand U.S. clinical experience for medical students and doctors. While AMO offers a variety of clinical obervserships and rotations across many cities in the United States, there are a handful of cities that have become the most popular among AMO visitors. Take a look at the top ten most popular AMO cities and get a sense of where AMO can […]

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An Overview of the American Healthcare System

Compared to other countries, the United States system of healthcare is considered to be complex. The U.S. does not provide universal healthcare for its citizens. Instead, there are a number of private and public institutions in place which pay for the healthcare of U.S. citizens. This post will provide a basic understanding of the U.S. healthcare […]

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4 Tips to Succeed in the Match

With the culmination of one Match season comes the beginning of another. The National Residency Match Program, also known as “The Match,” uses an algorithm to match medical school graduates with residency programs. Through this process, medical school graduates can begin their residency at the institution best suited for them. While international medical graduates (IMGs) […]

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Nurse Practitioners Tackling Primary Care

According to a new study by the University of Rochester, there is a growing number of nurse practitioners providing care in low-income, rural areas. In the past 6 years, the number of nurse practitioners providing primary care doubled to 123,000 nationwide.   These trends are indicative of the growing physician shortage across the United States. By […]

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A Call for Greater Dental Care

Much discussion of the United States healthcare system focuses on the rising cost of health insurance, doctors’ visits, prescriptions, and treatments. However, dental care is virtually absent from public discourse on healthcare. Little attention is given towards the rising cost of dental care and its implications on the U.S. population at large. As the cost […]

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Share Your Story: Jose

AMOpportunities offers rotations and observerships in many different specialties across the United States. Medical Student, Jose had such a difficult time choosing one so, he picked three. Continue reading below to find out more about Jose’s journey from Mexico to Texas, New York,  and Chicago. Here’s Jose’s Story… Rotations Come in 3s I loved my […]

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An Introduction to the U.S. Opioid Epidemic

The United States currently faces an opioid epidemic of staggering proportions. According to a recent report from the National Security Council, Americans are more likely to die from an opioid overdose than a car crash. International medical graduates (IMGs) should be cognizant of the current opioid epidemic when coming to the United States. With knowledge […]

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