August AMO Photo and Blog Contest Winner: Mohamed

This month AMO received the most Photo and Blog Contest Submissions to date. So many submissions made the decision difficult however, there was still one entry that stood out. We are excited to announce that Mohamed, a medical student from Egypt, is this month’s winner. Mohamed’s entry is filled with joy and is a testament […]

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AMO Has a New Search Platform!

  For the last five months, AMO’s technology team has been hard at work creating a new search platform and AMO dashboard for our users. The updated site offers a more streamlined search experience and allows for greater integration when it comes to the enrollment and onboarding process. The changes will improve the experience for […]

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Medical Education Present and Future, Part 4: Gender Justice

For the last two weeks our blog has served as a platform to explore the effect diversity is having and will continue to have on medical education. Part 1 covered racial diversity, part 2 covered the globalization of medical education, and part 3 covered socioeconomic representation. To wrap the series up, this post will feature […]

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Share your AMO Story: Shaheen

This AMO story is short and sweet- we couldn’t help but share it. Shareen, an international medical graduate from India, visited Houston, Texas for an internal medicine rotation during the month of July. Continue reading below for a quick look at why rotations with AMO are so convenient! Here’s Shaheen’s Story… My rotation with AMO […]

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Food: A Foundation for Cultural Appreciation

It has long been said that the easiest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. There is truth to this in that food often brings people together. It is the center-point of social gatherings, business dinners and lunches, and can bring families and friends together after a day apart. It is important that […]

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Medical Education Present and Future, Part 3: Socioeconomic Status

Part 1 and Part 2 of our ‘Medication Education Present and Future’ blog series focused on racial representation and the globalization of medical education, respectively. This post features the representation of socioeconomic status (SES) of medical students. It is common knowledge future financial status of these individuals is large amounts of debt incurred through extensive […]

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Applying to US Residency as an International Medical Graduate (IMG)

The path towards full licensure as a US physician is a complex one. For IMGs, the journey can be even more obstacle-filled. There are many intricate aspects for IMGs to navigate including USMLE exams, ECFMG certification, gaining US clinical experience, and working around visa issues, to name a few. In order to become a licensed […]

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Share Your AMO Story: Rafael

While it is important to work hard during your clinical rotation with AMO, many rotation schedules give visitors ample time during the weekend and evening hours to explore nearby cities and attractions. Rafael, a medical student from Brazil, made sure to take advantage of this. During his rotation in Tampa, Florida Rafael enjoyed the weather, […]

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Medical Education Present and Future, Part 2: Globalization

In accordance with AMO’s attendance at the upcoming ChangeMedEd 2019 Conference, our blog will be covering various aspects of diversity in medical education. Part 1 of this series covered racial representation within U.S. medical schools. This post will cover how medical education has become increasing globalized and the effect it will have on the healthcare […]

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Medical Education Present and Future Part 1: Racial Representation

Later this month, the American Medical Association (AMA) will be hosting the ChangeMedEd 2019 Conference in the city of Chicago. The purpose of this conference is to bring together medical institutions, companies, and individuals working to change the way medical education is taught now and will be taught in the future. AMO was recently featured […]

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