Share Your AMO Story: Phillip

We love hearing about our visitor’s connections to their preceptors, especially when it involves them receiving mentorship that reaches beyond the clinical experience. One example of this is the advice Dr. G. gave to Phillip, a medical student from Nigeria this past September. Phillip participated in a Cardiology rotation Dr. G, a former FMG. To […]

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Share Your AMO Story: Yasmine

One doubt many students have when considering a clinical experience with AMOpportunities is whether or not they are experienced enough to be eligible for a certain medical specialty. Yasmine, a medical student from Egypt, had this concern. During her Cardiology rotation in New York this past August she realized that gaining base level knowledge in […]

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Q and A with Authored AMO Visitor, Augusto

This past August, Augusto, a medical student from Italy, completed a Neurosurgery rotation in New York through AMOpportunities. During his rotation, Augusto sought out a research experience which led him to write a paper and co-author a few others. While some of our rotation experiences do offer the opportunity for assisting with research, it may […]

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September AMO Photo and Blog Contest Winner: Akanksha

Drum roll please, the winner of AMO’s photo and blog contest for the month of September is…Akanksha! Akanksha, a medical school graduate from India, took part in an internal medicine rotation in Tampa, Florida. Her submission and accompanying photos are evidence that Akanksha really did make the most of her clinical experience in the U.S. […]

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Your AMO Story: Vaiva

At AMO we care about our visitors. We strive to make experiences that are enjoyable, if not life changing which is why Vaiva’s story got us excited. Because of her clinical rotation with AMO during August, Vaiva, a current medical student from Lithuania, realized that she wants to pursue her career, after graduating, here in […]

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Your AMO Story: Yuri

Did you like Mohamed and Asha’s stories about their August rotation with AMO? We thought so! Here is another one from Yuri, a medical graduate from the U.S. who received his degree in Brazil. He took part in an internal medicine rotation in New York and enjoyed both the city and the educational experience. Continue […]

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Your AMO Story: Asha

We love hearing from our visitors about how they spent their time during and outside of their clinical experience. Asha, a medical student from India, completed a nephrology rotation in New York this past month. We can’t help but share her colorful photos and the story that explains them. Continuing reading to find out how […]

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August AMO Photo and Blog Contest Winner: Mohamed

This month AMO received the most Photo and Blog Contest Submissions to date. So many submissions made the decision difficult however, there was still one entry that stood out. We are excited to announce that Mohamed, a medical student from Egypt, is this month’s winner. Mohamed’s entry is filled with joy and is a testament […]

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Share your AMO Story: Shaheen

This AMO story is short and sweet- we couldn’t help but share it. Shaheen, an international medical graduate from India, visited Houston, Texas for an internal medicine rotation during the month of July. Continue reading below for a quick look at why rotations with AMO are so convenient! Here’s Shaheen’s Story… My rotation with AMO […]

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Share Your AMO Story: Rafael

While it is important to work hard during your clinical rotation with AMO, many rotation schedules give visitors ample time during the weekend and evening hours to explore nearby cities and attractions. Rafael, a medical student from Brazil, made sure to take advantage of this. During his rotation in Tampa, Florida Rafael enjoyed the weather, […]

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