Zombie Fires in the Arctic: Can They Affect Human Health?

  If you have been following news outlets over the last year, you are probably familiar with the wildfires that raged in Brazil, Australia, and California. Such hot climates are prone to fires as dry vegetation, heat, and human error result in flames. While wildfires in colder climates may be less widely known, they occur […]

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The Lack of Black Representation in STEM Fields

  The Black Lives Matter movement is creating much-needed conversations regarding representation and equality. In our post, Distrust in Healthcare: Racial Bias and Representation, we point out that, although 13% of the U.S. population is Black, only 4% of physicians are Black. Without proper representation, communities of color may receive healthcare that relies on racial […]

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Wait, Racism and Environmentalism are Connected?

  As it turns out, fighting for Black communities can save the environment as well! Environmental racism is the term used to describe when racism and environmentalism collide. The name acknowledges that the existence of systemic racism has allowed POC and other minority groups to bear the brunt of pollution to land, air, and water. […]

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Examining the Lifespans of COVID-19 and Racism

Protesters have converted the 1.7-mile long fence surrounding the White House into a monument for racial injustice. The fence holds signs supporting the Black Lives Matters movement and memorializes members of the Black community killed by police.   In our other posts regarding the Black Lives Matter movement, we mentioned that two public health issues […]

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What the Racial Wealth Gap Means for Healthcare

  A lot has changed in the U.S. since the 1960s. Football, not baseball, is the most-watched sport. Fewer people are smoking. More people are getting tattoos. Cell phones are preferred over corded telephones. TVs are slimmer. Oh, and the internet exists! While many improvements have been made, the same cannot be said for the […]

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Distrust in Healthcare: Racial Bias and Representation 

  For most, healthcare has positive connotations. It’s an institution that adds to the quality and length of an individual’s life by working to prevent and treat disease, illness, and injury. White coats, the attire most physicians wear, echo this message, signifying cleanliness and purity.    Although medical professionals have changed many lives for the […]

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Enjoying lockdown but concerned about post-lockdown anxiety

Tackling Post-Lockdown Anxiety

  Did you know that May is Mental Health Month? In an effort to spread awareness on this subject, individuals around the world are sharing their mental health struggles during COVID-19. In many instances, there is an emphasis placed on issues of loneliness and depression, both of which are caused by social isolation, health concerns, and […]

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Nurse celebrating World Hygiene Day by encouraging hand hygiene

Celebrating World Hygiene Day

  We know how quickly disease can spread, as evidenced by new cases of COVID-19 continuing to be reported. We also know that there are a few, relatively simple actions we can take to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other diseases, the primary of which is maintaining good hygiene. World Hygiene Day is celebrated […]

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Connecting Wet Markets, Animal Trafficking, and COVID-19

  If you are a movie buff or, perhaps, a worrywart, you have probably taken this confinement period to binge a shocking amount of virus-themed films, the most popular of which is Contagion. The film follows the introduction of a mysterious illness that, not unlike COVID-19, spreads across the globe, killing many and changing the […]

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COVID-19 is lowering greenhouse gas emissions

Earth Day 2020: COVID’s effect on the Climate Crisis

  Earth Day. A day to celebrate our little blue planet and reflect on beauties found all around the globe. It’s also a day when the world stops to focus on how we can save the earth from climate change and global warming. Many news sources and environmental advocates are circulating images of once-polluted areas […]

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