Blood Donor making a donation

Celebrating National Blood Donor Month

  In addition to being Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, January is also National Blood Donor Month. 2020 marks 50 years of calling individuals to celebrate by volunteering their time and, themselves, literally, by donating blood. January is a difficult time for those in need of blood transfusions. Routine blood donors shy away from making donations […]

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doctor holding a blue ribbon representing cervical cancer awareness

Cervical Cancer: Education and Prevention

  Each year over 13,000 individuals are diagnosed with cervical cancer in U.S. The average woman diagnosed with cervical cancer lives five years after her date diagnosis date. 5,000 women die annually from this cancer. An influx of screening and awareness on the importance of vaccination has lowered these numbers. So, to honor Cervical Cancer […]

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Individuals High Five After Meeting Resolution

The Science to Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

  When you look back on past New Year’s Resolutions, are you filled with regret and shame? Has there been a pattern of stopping short or even failure? If following through on these needed changes is a challenge, here are a few ways to increase your odds of success. Haven’t come up with a resolution […]

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4 New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Your Health

  The end of the year can be joyous. It allows us to look back, giving thanks for the good things and moving past hardships and difficulties we faced during the last 12 months. The end of the year can also be stressful, especially when conversations surround New Year’s Resolutions rise. There is the pressure […]

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Healthcare for All: Celebrating Universal Health Coverage Day

should Five years ago, in 2014, Universal Health Coverage Day was founded with the mission to turn promises made by politicians into plans and, further down the road, carry these plans out. In 2017, the United Nations backed UHC, establishing Dec. 12 as an international day to spread awareness and increase advocacy. The campaign for […]

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Cancer Screen Week: Pros, Cons, and How to Self-Examine

  18.1 million new cancer cases were reported during 2018 by the World Health Organization. This same year 9.6 million individuals died from cancer. Screening for cancer can be one way to fight the growth of these numbers. Screening detects abnormal growths and signals an issue that requires additional testing. They do not directly lead […]

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Doctor using new medical technology in the form of an iPad

Medicine Goes High Tech in 2020

  With the click of a button or the tap of a finger, physicians have it all. With technology, specifically iPads, a patient’s medical records, clear images of x-rays, MRIs, or EKGs, and test results are made easily accessible. A recent post by ‘Medical News Today’ touted these popular devices as one of the more […]

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Flu Season: Don’t Forget Your Vaccination!

Fall marks the end of many things in the northern hemisphere. It means the end of summer, the end of warmer weather and long days, the end of vacation season and school breaks. For flu season, however, fall marks the beginning of an eight-month stretch that is plagued with fevers, a constantly running nose, and […]

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What Exactly is Hospital Medicine?

Two decades ago hospital medicine was practically nonexistent. In fact, it wasn’t until 2005 that the term “hospitalist” was finally included in the Merriam Webster Dictionary. The position, which focuses on getting hospital bound patients ready for lives outside the revolving doors, requires a pool of diverse, but general, knowledge. Some hospitalists cater to a […]

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Medical Education Present and Future, Part 2: Globalization

In accordance with AMO’s attendance at the upcoming ChangeMedEd 2019 Conference, our blog will be covering various aspects of diversity in medical education. Part 1 of this series covered racial representation within U.S. medical schools. This post will cover how medical education has become increasing globalized and the effect it will have on the healthcare […]

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