COVID-19 Vaccines Enter Phase III Trials

  Although wearing face masks, social distancing, and putting things on hold may not be enjoyable, the current COVID-19 case numbers reported around the globe demand it. Per healthcare professionals and scientists, the pandemic can only end with a vaccine so we’re excited to see that COVID-19 trial vaccines have entered the final stage of […]

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What is Asynchronous Telehealth?

  Telehealth is a dominant force in both medicine and medical education. Because it offers so many benefits, including undeniable convenience, it’s likely that telehealth will continue for a long time, even after the present pandemic. When you think of telehealth, you may think of live video streaming consultations between a patient and physician. The […]

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Managing COVID-19: Countries with Low Case Numbers

  Although COVID-19 is taking a backseat to other important issues within the country, case numbers in the U.S. are continuing to soar. Southern states, which previously had fewer restrictions than those in the north and west, are emerging as hotspots. This is not the case all around the world, though. In many parts of […]

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5 Healthy Habits to Help Prevent Alzheimer’s

  Did you know that roughly ½ of individuals above the age of 85 have Alzheimer’s? What’s worse is that the majority of these individuals don’t even know they have it. Because Alzheimer’s affects so many individuals, it is possible someone you know, perhaps a family member or friend has the disease. If this is […]

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Examining the Lifespans of COVID-19 and Racism

Protesters have converted the 1.7-mile long fence surrounding the White House into a monument for racial injustice. The fence holds signs supporting the Black Lives Matters movement and memorializes members of the Black community killed by police.   In our other posts regarding the Black Lives Matter movement, we mentioned that two public health issues […]

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Health Disparities in the Black Community

  While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to plague the world, current and past killings within the Black community by law enforcement officers are making it clear that racism is a public health issue of pandemic proportions. The seriousness of this is made evident through efforts by Black-led organizations and protestors, both of whom are demanding […]

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Police brutaility being protested

Police Brutality: A Public Health Issue

  It is impossible to escape the horror of what happened to George Floyd on May 25. The ongoing racism and police brutality displayed by law enforcement is something to be addressed head–on as it’s a public health issue. Although this public health issue is often overlooked, it has a long and heartbreaking history in the U.S., one closely associated with race […]

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COVID-19: The Race Towards a Vaccine

  Although healthcare and governmental professionals were hopeful that antibody testing would be a reliable indicator of COVID-19, inconsistent tests, and unclear data has pushed scientists to ramp up their efforts to find a vaccine. As early as March, scientists began submitting outlines for trials. At first, regulatory committees were concerned about the safety and […]

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Nurses fufilling their role as essential workers during COVID-19

Female Essential Workers on the Frontlines

  As Women’s Health Week wraps up, we want to take a moment to thank our essential workers, many of whom are female. These essential workers risk their health each time they show up to work. They provide medical care, groceries, and social services to the communities they work in. We cannot thank them enough […]

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A patient attends a telehealth appointment

What is Telehealth?

  You probably video chat or FaceTime your friends and family but, what about your healthcare provider? The adoption of telehealth in healthcare systems around the globe is making this an increasingly common occurrence—especially during our current global pandemic. In the following post, we outline what telehealth entails, its vast benefits, and its place in […]

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