Back to Medical School and Residency: Health and Saftey Tips

  For many teens and young adults,  August and early September are bittersweet with summertime freedoms giving way to a new school year and busy schedules. For some pre-med and medical students, this school year will look a little different. Online learning will take the place of traditional classroom instruction and lectures are necessitated by […]

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COVID-19’s Effect on 2020 Medical Residents

  This month, just shy of 40,000 medical residents within the U.S. began their post-graduate medical education. With their medical degrees in tow, these individuals will spend the next three to seven years developing the skills they need to provide quality attention to patients in need. With the pandemic pressing on, medical residencies may look […]

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Becoming a Physician in the U.K.: Continuing Professional Development

  Medical education is often demanding and lengthy. This is especially true in the U.K., where becoming a healthcare practitioner requires one to complete an undergraduate education, medical school, a year of internship training, and a two-year foundation program before one can begin to train in a specialty. Its almost as if the phrase “life-long […]

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How to Stand Out on Medical School Applications   

        It’s no secret that medical schools, especially those in the U.S., are selective when it comes to deciding which applicants will be on campus in the fall. Although some schools are more competitive than others, like the Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine, which has an acceptance rate that barely passes […]

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Yes, COVID-19 is Affecting Medical School Applications Too

  Like all things this year, the timeline for applying to medical school beginning in 2021 has been adjusted, barring COVID-19 and subsequent social distancing guidelines. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) extended primary medical school applications and began submitting the first of these to medical schools just last week. In addition to this […]

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A History of U.S. Medical Education and Organizations

  From a structural standpoint, medical education in the U.S. is rigid. There is a set path those aspiring to practice medicine must follow to obtain a license and practice. This system of education did not develop overnight but was created through decades of experimentation, influenced by scientific findings, and shaped by advancements in technology. […]

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3 Reasons to Defer Your Application for Residency

  Do you wonder why obtaining a degree in medicine is often described as a journey? The reason is that it can be a lengthy and complex process. Becoming a physician requires many years of education, exams, multiple applications, and a thorough licensing procedure. To some, success in this journey means finishing each step as […]

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Becoming a Physician in the U.K.: Specialty Training

  In the U.K., postgraduate medical education is not short-lived. If you read our post, Becoming a Physician in the U.K.: The Foundation Program, you know that upon graduation, those looking to become physicians must complete a two-year education program. It doesn’t stop there, though. Once you graduate from the foundation program, it is recommended […]

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College students considering a Pre-Med clinical experience

5 Tips for Planning a Pre-Med Clinical Experience

  When it comes to selecting a pre-med experience to include on your resume for medical school, there are many options. Some individuals may choose to do volunteer work. Others may decide to take a job as a medical scribe. While both can provide value, pre-med clinical experiences allow you to spend a significant amount […]

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Becoming a Physician in the U.K.: GP vs. Consultant

  Because the U.K. has universal healthcare, the hierarchy of physicians there is a little different than in the U.S. In the U.K. those who complete their foundation training  can elect to pursue a short, general medicine training plan or complete a specialty training. The first choice will allow them to practice as a general […]

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