Medical Student meeting with a Virtual Patient

Meaning in Medicine: Virtual Patients

  As the ACGME’s Annual Educational Conference approaches, we are continuing our series of posts in conjunction with the conference’s theme. This year, the theme is “Meaning in Medicine: Compassion and Connection.” Our first post, ‘Meaning in Medicine: Patient Communication,’ covered essential steps physicians can take to ensure patients feel heard during appointments. The post […]

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Doctor shows how to improve your resume.

Tips to Improve Your CV

  In a field as competitive as medicine, you want to stand out. Often your Curriculum Vitae (CV) is the first, and possibly only, glimpse a residency program, fellowship, or hiring personal get of you when you apply. If this document doesn’t do an excellent job of showing you to be a viable applicant, your […]

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Differences and Similarities Between MDs and DOs

  You might be in medical school and wondering what program to apply for. Should you pursue an MD or a DO? For international students looking to practice medicine in the U.S., this decision should not be taken lightly. Medical students should be aware of the main differences between these degrees. Those holding an MD […]

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Specialty Profile: Pathology

  Pathology is depended upon by nearly every other medical specialty and subspecialties as it deals with the study of diseases and their treatments. Pathologists spend most of their time completing and interpreting lab tests as well as consulting physicians on how to treat based on their findings. Pathology can be broken down into two […]

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Specialty Profile: Ophthalmology

The medical specialty of ophthalmology is concerned with providing care to those struggling with eye and or vision issues. Most ophthalmologists address eye diseases, perform surgical procedures, or improve a patient’s sight by prescribing and fitting them for contact lenses or glasses. Within the specialty of ophthalmology there are many different subspecialties. These include the […]

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New Year, New Questions: 2020 USMLE Changes

  Just this week the USMLE announced that come 2020, changes to Step 1 and Step 2 CK will be made. These changes come in the form of additional questions and will be seen on exams beginning as early as May 2020. One change not being made–the time students will have to complete the exam. […]

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Best Practices: Studying for the USMLE

Comprised of three tests, the USMLE is required to become a medical practitioner in the U.S. The main goal of the test is to confirm that a medical graduate is able to apply textbook and classroom knowledge to real-world scenarios. An individual’s ability to pass all three steps of the USMLE directly translates into good […]

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Medical Education Present and Future, Part 4: Gender Justice

For the last two weeks our blog has served as a platform to explore the effect diversity is having and will continue to have on medical education. Part 1 covered racial diversity, part 2 covered the globalization of medical education, and part 3 covered socioeconomic representation. To wrap the series up, this post will feature […]

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Medical Education Present and Future, Part 3: Socioeconomic Status

Part 1 and Part 2 of our ‘Medication Education Present and Future’ blog series focused on racial representation and the globalization of medical education, respectively. This post features the representation of socioeconomic status (SES) of medical students. It is common knowledge future financial status of these individuals is large amounts of debt incurred through extensive […]

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Medical Education Present and Future, Part 2: Globalization

In accordance with AMO’s attendance at the upcoming ChangeMedEd 2019 Conference, our blog will be covering various aspects of diversity in medical education. Part 1 of this series covered racial representation within U.S. medical schools. This post will cover how medical education has become increasing globalized and the effect it will have on the healthcare […]

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