Harvard Medical Zoo

Harvard Medical Students Training in Zoos?

Harvard medical students might find themselves at a zoo treating a strange group of patients than they’re typically accustomed to: animals. Whether it’s chasing geese into an office or performing an X-ray on a 150-pound African desert tortoise, Harvard’s One Health Clinical Elective gives students the opportunity to study infectious diseases and the impact of […]

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The Journey to Becoming a United States Physician – A Step by Step Guide

Becoming a doctor in the United States is a journey within itself. While the process is comprised of many steps, all aspects are aimed at ensuring the highest level of care for the well-being of patients. The following is a step by step outline of the journey all IMG’s must complete in order to live […]

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Mentorship In Medicine

The road to becoming a physician is a long and arduous one. Mentors are important figures on this road, helping provide insight and open doors along the way. Mentors occupy a unique sphere in the life of an aspiring physician, crafting a vision of the bigger picture to help put present conundrums into perspective.   […]

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Breaking Down the USMLE

Anyone who wishes to practice medicine in the United States must pass the United States Medical Licensure Exam. Through a four-step exam process, the USMLE aims to determine whether a student passes a minimum standard for patient care. Each of the four steps is a separate exam and taken at different points of your medical […]

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The Benefits of Test Prep

The USMLE The United States Medical Licensure Exam is a necessary step in the process of becoming a physician in the United States. The USMLE is a four-step exam that requires a significant  degree of preparation beforehand. Test prep programs either in the United States or locally can help prepare you for every step of […]

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Planning for a U.S. Residency

U.S. Clinical Experience Completing an AMOpportunities clinical experience is a helpful first step in beginning the residency process in the United States. Upon concluding an AMOpportunities experience, you will gain a better sense of U.S. medical practices to help you decide if you would like to pursue a residency here. An AMOpportunities experience will enrich […]

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