Dentistry student working with a patient during a clinical experience in dentistry.

Specialty Spotlight: Dentistry

  Dentistry is the field of study associated with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases within the mouth and maxillofacial area. Those who practice dentistry are called dentists. These individuals may be assisted by dental hygienists and technicians. Within the specialty of dentistry, there are ten subspecialties, which include dental anesthesiology, dental public health, […]

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gynecologist holding a baby after it has been born

Specialty Profile: Obstetrics and Gynecology

  Commonly called OB/GYN (or OB-GYN), the medical specialty of obstetrics and gynecology focuses on the female reproductive system and a woman’s journey from pregnancy to giving birth. A gynecologist is the title given to those in this field. Reasons to see a gynecologist include but are not limited to, the presence of sexually transmitted […]

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