Can Online Clinical Experiences be Considered Hands-On?

  As necessitated by COVID-19, many medical schools are moving courses to an online format. Clinical experiences are following suit, with online telehealth rotations providing both safe and convenient opportunities for medical trainees to experience medicine as it is operated today—virtually! You may be considering an online clinical experience to complete a school requirement, enhance […]

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AAMC Institutes COVID-19 Related MCAT Changes

  Following a three month hold on the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) opened testing locations in May 2020 with new social distancing measures in place, requiring test-takers to sit six feet apart. The distance that examinees sit apart isn’t the only thing changing, though. To make up […]

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Share Your AMO Story: Davi

  With many students participating in online clinical experiences, we are looking for new ways to encourage entries to our monthly photo and blog contest. As such, we are extending the contest for our June visitors and taking this time to share an entry from a few months back. Davi, a medical student from Brazil […]

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College students considering a Pre-Med clinical experience

5 Tips for Planning a Pre-Med Clinical Experience

  When it comes to selecting a pre-med experience to include on your resume for medical school, there are many options. Some individuals may choose to do volunteer work. Others may decide to take a job as a medical scribe. While both can provide value, pre-med clinical experiences allow you to spend a significant amount […]

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Tips to Prepare for an Online Telehealth Experience

  Online telehealth clinical experiences are becoming increasingly commonplace. Many medical trainees see them as a unique opportunity to earn letters of recommendation while staying safe in the comfort of their homes. As the world transitions to online learning experiences, there will be a learning curve. This is true of online clinical experiences as well. […]

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6 Benefits of Pre-Med Clinical Experiences

  We are happy to announce that AMO is now offering pre-med clinical experiences! We know the value that these experiences can bring to your medical education, and we want to share these with you. Although there are many more, here are six of the most noteworthy ways a pre-med clinical experience can benefit you! […]

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IMG participating in an online telehealth clinical experience

FAQs on Online Telehealth Clinical Experiences

  If you are considering booking one of our online telehealth clinical experiences, you probably have a ton of questions. Online rotations are as much of a new frontier for medical education as telehealth is for the healthcare industry. New things can be both exciting and terrifying. To help get rid of the latter, we […]

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Medical Trainee participating in an online telehealth clinical experience

Online Telehealth Clinical Experiences: Rotate From Home

  Remote learning is becoming increasingly prevalent in this day and age. And why shouldn’t it be? It is a cost-effective and convenient way to expand your knowledge. Because of this, we are extending our clinical experience services to offer you several online telehealth clinical experiences. Like our in-person clinical experiences, those who complete online […]

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A daughter and mother celebrating Women's Health Week by meditating

Women’s Health Week: Gender-Based Health Patterns

  It’s no coincidence that Women’s Health Week, which runs from May 10-16, begins on Mother’s Day. This week calls women to take action and prioritize their health. This means taking proactive measures to prevent diseases and illnesses that routinely affect women to a larger extent than men. In this post, we cover gender-specific health […]

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Two girls, happy they chose to rotate with a friend.

Benefits of Rotating with a Friend

  Traveling to a foreign country can be intimidating. Because of this, some of our visitors coordinate clinical experiences so they can rotate with a friend! If medical interests align, visitors will even participate in the same clinical experience. Others, who have different medical interests, will rotate in the same city but complete their rotation […]

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