Program Highlight: Saint Anthony Hospital

AMO’s partnership with Saint Anthony Hospital in Chicago began in August 2018 with just a few clinical experiences. Since that time, we have grown. We now offer 15 ACGME-affiliated, hospital-based, hands-on experiences. These were developed to accommodate the demand of our visitors and the willingness of Saint Anthony Hospital’s staff to educate them. As an […]

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Medical Students Start Peer-Run Wellness Hotline

A search for empathy and the need for quick emotional support gave birth to the first peer-run on call counseling hotline. Inspired by an analysis of peers’ needs in addition to their own Ragha Suresh, MD, and Varsha Radhakrishnan, MD, began the idea for a hotline in 2016. During this time the two were students at New […]

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Your AMO Story: Nesi

 We had so many great Photo and Blog Contest submissions from our August visitors, many of which have not been shared yet. Here is one from Nesi, a medical student from Israel, who took part in an orthopedic surgery rotation in Chicago. Nesi took time to enjoy the city (as well as its food) and […]

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Program Highlight: Jackson Park Hospital

AMOpportunities is excited to announce the launch of three new hospital-based clinical experiences at Jackson Park Hospital, an ACGME family medicine program residency site in Chicago. These experiences are a great value as they are entirely inpatient, ACGME affiliated, and provide participants with the opportunity to gain a letter of recommendation from the hospital’s Director […]

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An Overview of ACGME Affiliated Programs

What is the ACGME? The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) is a non-profit organization comprised of practicing physicians. The ACGME works to ensure that educational standards for physicians is maintained in areas of higher learning, specifically that of the medical field. The goal behind their work is to ensure that quality medical care […]

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Forest Fires Put Human Health on the Burner

Over the last week, news outlets have been engulfed in images of smokey, burning trees with headlines surrounding the forest fires in Brazil. These fires, a result of over logging, animal agriculture, and premature forest clearing, are out of control and burning up 80 percent more of the Amazon than those set the year prior. […]

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Physician Isolation: Creating Community, Ending Stigma

Pressure to be Perfect  Physicians are no strangers to stress despite their composure and professional disposition. Each shift scheduled demands attention to detail which determines the course of a patient’s life. Few professions deal with as much prestige following success or as much guilt following failure as these healthcare practitioners. Perhaps this is why stress, […]

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Share Your AMO Story: Silvia

As each month comes to an end, AMO has the opportunity to review the entries submitted by visitors in our Photo and Blog Contest. These submissions serve as a testament to the fun and educational experiences visitors have during their rotations with AMO. AMO was blown away by Silvia’s entry for the July 2019 Photo […]

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Why Nurses Need Rotations

Just as medical school students need rotations to become physicians, nurses must also complete clinical rotations to broaden their array of experiences in the clinical setting. Nursing rotations allow students to experience a glimpse into daily life as a nurse. From learning how to encounter and care for patients to mastering how to work as […]

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10 Popular Cities for A Rotation with AMO

AMOpportunities provides on-demand U.S. clinical experience for medical students and doctors. While AMO offers a variety of clinical obervserships and rotations across many cities in the United States, there are a handful of cities that have become the most popular among AMO visitors. Take a look at the top ten most popular AMO cities and get a sense of where AMO can […]

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