May 2020 Photo and Blog Contest Winner: Shraddha

  While COVID-19 has been responsible for the cancelation of many events and life experiences, it has not put a pause on medical learning. During May, we had a number of medical trainees complete clinical experiences within the U.S. Many of these experiences contained aspects of telehealth. These remote alternatives to in-patient consultations and appointments […]

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Share Your AMO Story: Akif

  Many of our visitors worry about traveling to the U.S. alone for their clinical experience. Sometimes, individuals may rotate with friends but, when this isn’t the case, visitors usually find themselves making a few along the way. A number of the clinical experiences we offer have more than one spot available, which means that […]

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Share Your AMO Story: Raad

  If you have been keeping up with our monthly AMO Photo and Blog Contest, you might recognize Saudi medical student, Raad, as the winner from March. Raad decided to participate in a second clinical experience with AMO, and we couldn’t be happier to share his story with you. The personal connections he made and […]

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April 2020 Photo and Blog Contest Winner: Elsa

  Although many of our visitors are current medical students and recent graduates, we do have some with more medical experience. This is true of this month’s AMO Photo and Blog Contest Winner, Elsa. Elsa participated in a Family Medicine clinical experience which took place in Boca Raton, Florida. With almost 20 years under her […]

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Ecuadorian Medical Student, Jaimie, during his Chicago U.S. clinical experience.

Share Your AMO Story: Jaime

  As shared in our recent post, Benefits of Rotating with a Friend, we are beginning to feature AMO visitors who come in pairs and even larger groups. During March, the AMO team had the privilege of spending time with AMO visitors Jaime and Krystel, both of whom participated in Chicago-based clinical experiences. The two […]

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Saudi Arabian medical student with healthcare professionals during his U.S. clinical experience.

March 2020 Photo and Blog Contest Winner: Raad

    We know many students have concerns about rotating during this time. Many of our sites are still open, and we have taken measures to ensure they are safe for our visitors. Don’t just take our word for it though, get it straight from the winner of our March 2020 Photo and Blog Contest, […]

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International medical student from Bahrain during a U.S. clinical experience in Chicago.

Share Your AMO Story: Omar

  While the city of Chicago is under a shelter-in-place order, the AMOpportunities team is missing the city’s deep-dish pizza and watching the Bulls. To get through this time, we are living vicariously through stories from our Chicago visitors. Omar, a medical student from Bahrain, completed a clinical experience in Chicago a few months ago. […]

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Ecuadorian Medical Student, Carlos, during his U.S. clinical experience in internal medicine.

February 2020 Photo and Blog Contest Winner: Carlos

  Need some cheering up? Check out the winning submission of our February AMO Photo and Blog Contest! Carlos, a medical graduate from Ecuador, participated in an internal medicine clinical experience with Dr. F. in New York and had only good things to say about it! His story provides insight into how a clinical experience […]

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Dentistry graduate from Georgia during a U.S. clinical experience.

Share Your AMO Story: Ana

  Completing a clinical experience in the U.S. through AMO can help you build your clinical knowledge and skills, earn a letter of recommendation, and fulfill school credits. It can also help you to learn about healthcare in the U.S., which can be complex and vastly different than that in your home country. Ana, a […]

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Albanian medical resident during a U.S. clinical experience.

Share Your AMO Story: Besmira

  So, how does a U.S. rotation impact your medical education? Well, we recently got in touch with Besmira, a medical resident from Albania who completed a clinical experience with AMO in 2017. Since then, Besmira started her medical residency in Albania. She is two years into her program and hopes to participate in another […]

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