Share Your AMO Story: Samana

Another July entry we could not hold back is from Samana, who took part in a neurology rotation with Dr. Z in Amherst, New York. Samana, who is from Pakistan, felt at home immediately during her rotation. In fact, she she enjoyed her experience so much that she hopes to be a supervising physician to […]

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Why Nurses Need Rotations

Just as medical school students need rotations to become physicians, nurses must also complete clinical rotations to broaden their array of experiences in the clinical setting. Nursing rotations allow students to experience a glimpse into daily life as a nurse. From learning how to encounter and care for patients to mastering how to work as […]

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International Medical Graduate Leaning Outside Hospital

Hands-On Rotations: The Building Blocks of Your Education

Hands-on rotations are one of two types of clinical rotations which allow international medical school students, and graduates who have passed the USMLE step 1, to gain exposure to the U.S. healthcare system. During a hands-on experience, individuals may be involved in non-invasive patient interactions while in the outpatient, or clinic setting. During no time […]

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