Doe Deere and her family worked hard to 'make it in America.'

An American Tale

Twenty years ago—as a 17-year-old—Xenia Vorotova moved from Russia to the United States. As a young girl, she gleaned the message that in the United States anything was possible from popular music, magazines and movies about the country. Vorotova, her mother and younger sister moved to New York City. While her mother had been a […]

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An Immigration Lawyer Answers IMG’s Most Asked Questions.

Coming to the United States to practice medicine entails working with immigration authorities to ensure legal entry in the country. AMOpportunities provides a B-1 visa invitation letter for all clinical experiences for eligible students. AMO talked with Lisa Scott, an immigration lawyer based in Chicago, IL, about immigration policies and the current climate for international […]

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The Immigrant Doctor’s Project

Immigrant Doctors Project The Immigrant Doctor’s Project emerged in the aftermath of the Executive Order banning Iranian, Libyan, Somalian, Sudanese, Syrian, and Yemeni nationals from entering the United States. The project aims to highlight the importance of immigrant doctors from these six nations by analyzing how the order affects the overall health of the United […]

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