Share Your AMO Story: Akif

  Many of our visitors worry about traveling to the U.S. alone for their clinical experience. Sometimes, individuals may rotate with friends but, when this isn’t the case, visitors usually find themselves making a few along the way. A number of the clinical experiences we offer have more than one spot available, which means that […]

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Indian medical student, Margil, with the supervising physician of his U.S. clinical experience through AMO.

Share Your AMO Story: Margil

  Clinical experiences can be awesome, but you don’t have to take our word for it! Margil, a medical graduate from India, shares it all in his blog post. Although he was initially unsure of whether or not to take a chance and sign up for a U.S. clinical experience with AMO, Margil was pleasantly […]

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Your AMO Story: Asha

  We love hearing from our visitors about how they spent their time during and outside of their clinical experience. Asha, a medical student from India, completed a nephrology rotation in New York this past month. We can’t help but share her colorful photos and the story that explains them. Continuing reading to find out […]

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Share your AMO Story: Shaheen

  This AMO story is short and sweet- we couldn’t help but share it. Shaheen, an international medical graduate from India, visited Houston, Texas, for an internal medicine rotation during July. Continue reading below for a quick look at why rotations with AMO are so convenient!   Here’s Shaheen’s Story…   Convenience is Key   […]

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Aditya did his clinical rotation in Los Angeles

Share Your AMO Story: Aditya

Aditaya, a medical student from India, enrolled in a general Surgery rotation in California. Her unique experience allowed her to learn about the best patient interaction practices and even how surgery is performed with the assistance of technology. To read about Aditaya’s summer in LA continue reading below! Here’s Aditaya’s Story… Summer School This summer […]

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