Four Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling Abroad

Before a trip you plan everything; what to wear, where to stay, what to see, but very rarely do you plan to get sick. Despite this, many people have found themselves ill in another country. While some illnesses are inevitable, many of the ones incurred while traveling can be avoided entirely by following a few […]

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Communication Key to Increasing and Retaining Physician Numbers

The biggest health crisis facing the future of the United States has nothing to do with a new strain of flu—it has to do with retirement, specifically the increase of physicians set to retire in the next twenty years. This drop in practitioners combined with the increased competition for spots in medical school, rotations, and […]

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Share Your AMO Story: Mohmmad

This past April Mohmmad, an international medical graduate, completed a rotation with Dr. T. at Weiss Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL. Read on to learn how a rotation with AMO lead Mohammad to make new friends and learn about ways to foster patient-physician relationships. “My experience with AMO was like no other. Like anyone coming […]

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Settling into Your New Residency

After receiving a match for a residency, medical school graduates will experience intense emotions. The first feeling will be of excitement at having received a spot. The next feeling may be relief at not having to compete for open positions or waiting a year to match again, and finally, future residents will feel nervous. The […]

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Rural Physicians Slowly Dwindling

Health Care in Rural Areas Dwindles

The Doctor is Out  According to a recent survey, nearly a quarter of individuals living in rural areas have been unable to receive medical care when they have needed it. Of this population, almost half noted that the far distance of clinics and limited appointment availability were factors. Not unsurprising, the drop in rural health care provided coincides with the drop […]

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Share Your Story: Jose

AMOpportunities offers rotations and observerships in many different specialties across the United States. Hear about the experiences of Jose, one of our visitors from Mexico.   I loved my clinical rotation in Richardson, Texas with Dr. Mania.   First, I’m a Mexican fourth year medical student, and I’ve been wanting to do a clinical rotation in the U.S. since my […]

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An Introduction to the U.S. Opioid Epidemic

The United States currently faces an opioid epidemic of staggering proportions. According to a recent report from the National Security Council, Americans are more likely to die from an opioid overdose than a car crash. International medical graduates (IMGs) should be cognizant of the current opioid epidemic when coming to the United States. With knowledge […]

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Valentina with physician medical team in New York City

Share Your AMO Story: Valentina

Every month, AMO has the privilege of hearing our visitors’ stories. When they share their experiences, our visitors have the opportunity to enter our Photo and Blog Contest. Their stories are a testament to our programs, our physicians, and the visitors we welcome to AMO. Our April 2019 winner is Valentina who traveled from Italy to […]

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Finding Mentorship Within Medicine

In the medical world, it is sometimes difficult to ask for help, especially for graduates who are eager to prove their success after multiple years of schooling and extensive rotations. If confiding in colleagues is difficult for a physician, they should consider seeking out a mentor. Many medical practitioners have had multiple mentors and are […]

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Share Your Story: Nakul

AMOpportunities provides clinical rotations and observerships for international medical students and graduates. Hear what Nakul, a visitor with AMO, has to say about his clinical rotation with an internist at Pajaro Health Center in California.   AMO: What inspired you to get a rotation through AMOpportunities?  I found out about AMO rotations via close friends of mine who completed rotations through […]

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