Program Highlight: University of Miami’s International Medicine Institute

One of our most popular programs with visitors, clinical experiences through the University of Miami’s International Medicine Institute come at a great value. Out of 179 U.S. medical schools, University of Miami’s Leonard M. Miller Medical School ranked 52. Visitors have the opportunity to complete an entirely hospital-based clinical experience in a warm location with great supervising physicians and staff members. […]

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Miami Beach Community Health Center

Program Highlight: Miami Beach Community Health Center

  Direct affiliations allow IMGs to get credit at their home schools, increase their chances of matching, and provide them with direct access to hospital staff. We’re excited to announce our new direct affiliation with Miami Beach Community Health Center—an ACGME residency site—to bring international medical students and graduates the most trusted clinical experiences. Located in Miami Beach, Florida, MBCHC is an […]

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Miami, Florida: The Top Ten 

Known for its favorable weather, white sand beaches, and a colorful metropolitan area, Miami Florida has become popular for tourists and AMO visitors alike. This Southeastern city is home to 15 plus AMO rotations, many of which have been created through our Partnership with the University of Miami. During these rotations, visitors will generally spend the weekdays in a hospital setting with their supervising physician, giving them […]

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