The AMO Visitor’s Guide to the Midwest

  Described as agreeable and welcoming, the Midwest is a great destination for first-time U.S. travelers. Below is some general information about the states that make up this area of the country and what they are known for. Geography The Midwest is made up of 12 states. These include Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, […]

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Photo of Saint Anthony Hospital Entrance.

Program Highlight: Saint Anthony Hospital

  AMO’s partnership with Saint Anthony Hospital in Chicago began in August 2018 with just a few clinical experiences. Since that time, we have grown. We now offer 15 ACGME-affiliated, hospital-based, hands-on experiences. These were developed to accommodate the demand of our visitors and the willingness of Saint Anthony Hospital’s staff to educate them. As […]

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Jackson Park Hospital Building in Chicago

Program Highlight: Jackson Park Hospital

AMOpportunities is excited to announce the launch of three new hospital-based clinical experiences at Jackson Park Hospital, an ACGME family medicine program residency site in Chicago. These experiences are a great value as they are entirely inpatient, ACGME affiliated, and provide participants with the opportunity to gain a letter of recommendation from the hospital’s Director […]

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