Share Your AMO Story: Akif

  Many of our visitors worry about traveling to the U.S. alone for their clinical experience. Sometimes, individuals may rotate with friends but, when this isn’t the case, visitors usually find themselves making a few along the way. A number of the clinical experiences we offer have more than one spot available, which means that […]

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Albanian medical resident during a U.S. clinical experience.

Share Your AMO Story: Besmira

  So, how does a U.S. rotation impact your medical education? Well, we recently got in touch with Besmira, a medical resident from Albania who completed a clinical experience with AMO in 2017. Since then, Besmira started her medical residency in Albania. She is two years into her program and hopes to participate in another […]

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AMO’s 2019 Wrap Up

  With 2020 beginning, the AMO team cannot help but look forward to our new visitors, new clinical offerings, and the potential for exceptional growth. Before jumping ahead, we want to take a moment to reflect on our growth and success in 2019, and the numbers that shaped them. Visitors: 693 During 2019 we had […]

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Share Your AMO Story: Amal

  New York City is the most populous in the U.S., with just over 8 million inhabitants. During August, Amal, a medical student from Egypt, took part in a clinical experience that allowed her to become one of these 8+ million New Yorkers. For more on what Amal learned, the friends she made, and what […]

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Share Your AMO Story: Yasmine

  One doubt many students have when considering a clinical experience with AMOpportunities is whether or not they are experienced enough to be eligible for a particular medical specialty. Yasmine, a medical student from Egypt, had this concern. During her Cardiology rotation in New York this past August, she realized that gaining base-level knowledge in […]

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Your AMO Story: Yuri

  Did you like Mohamed and Asha’s stories about their August rotation with AMO? We thought so! Here is another one from Yuri, a medical graduate from the U.S. who received his degree in Brazil. He took part in an internal medicine rotation in New York and enjoyed both the city and the educational experience. […]

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Your AMO Story: Asha

  We love hearing from our visitors about how they spent their time during and outside of their clinical experience. Asha, a medical student from India, completed a nephrology rotation in New York this past month. We can’t help but share her colorful photos and the story that explains them. Continuing reading to find out […]

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Share Your AMO Story: Samana

  Another July entry we could not hold back is from Samana, who took part in a neurology rotation with Dr. Z in Amherst, New York. Samana, who is from Pakistan, felt at home immediately during her rotation. In fact, she enjoyed her experience so much that she hopes to be a supervising physician to […]

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AMO in New York: Kelli and Ryan Take a Bite of the Big Apple

During the first week of August, Kelli, AMO’s Chief Experience Officer, and Ryan, AMO’s Chief Revenue Officer, visited New York to touch base with AMO visitors and some of our partners who call “the City that Never Sleeps,” home. The two traveled from Chicago, where AMO is headquartered, to New York City on Sunday. On […]

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Street view of New York City

AMO’s City Guide: New York City

New Y Comprised of 5 neighborhoods, 302.6 square miles, and over 8.5 million residents, New York City can be an easy place to get lost in. We have compiled a list of ten popular places to see in order to help visitors to our New York-based rotations determine what to make a priority. To find […]

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