A orthopedics specialist carrying out surgery

Specialty Spotlight: Orthopedic Surgery

  Orthopedic surgery, commonly called orthopedics, is the medical specialty that focuses on assessing and correcting issues impacting the hands, feet, arms, legs, and spine through surgical procedures. Surgeons who specialize in orthopedic surgery are referred to as orthopedic surgeons. While orthopedic surgeons may see cases that require similar surgeries, the cause of the injury […]

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Your AMO Story: Nesi

  We had so many great Photo and Blog Contest submissions from our August visitors, many of which have not been shared yet. Here is one from Nesi, a medical student from Israel, who took part in an orthopedic surgery rotation in Chicago. Nesi took the time to enjoy the city (as well as its […]

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Seven Most Competitive Medical Specialties

The Seven Top Competitive Medical Specialties

Close to 95 percent of U.S. allopathic medical students matched for PGY-1 positions in the 2018 Match. But seven specialties proved tough competition. The National Resident Matching Program labels the most competitive specialties as those that match with the highest percentage of U.S. medical student graduates. See below for the seven most competitive in 2018. […]

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Q&A With Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. G

AMOpportunities talked to Dr. G, an orthopedic surgeon based in Chicago, IL. Dr. G has worked with AMOpportunities for three years, working with many international medical graduates (IMGs) in the process. AMOpportunities: Why did you decide to establish a relationship with AMOpportunities? Dr. G: They emailed me, and I thought it was interesting. I currently […]

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