Medical Students Interact with End-of-Life Patients

Interacting With the Gravely Ill

End-of-life care is a necessary part of a physician’s career, but medical students aren’t taught how to find out the wishes of dying patients and how to work that into their care plans. For many students, talking about such care can be intimidating. As such, the University of Massachusetts Medical School launched a training program […]

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Aditya did his clinical rotation in Los Angeles

Share Your AMO Story: Aditya

This summer I had the chance to do a general surgery rotation in California. I had a very pleasant stay in Los Angeles. I spent my days either rotating between different hospitals to observe surgery or seeing patients in the office at Cedars-Sinai. Once you enter the hospital, everyone greets you with the happiest smile […]

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A Lack of Representation for Women in Leadership

A Lack of Women Representation in Healthcare Leadership

Following the same pattern as the majority of other industries, healthcare places a variety of challenges on female physicians, including implicit bias, payment and promotion gaps, and sexual harassment. It’s not shocking, then, that while equal numbers of men and women graduate from medical school, only a small percentage of women doctors become leaders in […]

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A Brilliant Medical Student

A Medical Student Thriving Despite All Odds

Feb. 28, 2007, was just a normal day for Chris Connolly. He went to school and then water polo practice. But then everything changed when an accident during practice left him a quadriplegic. Eleven years later, Chris is still a quadriplegic—he’s regained limited motion in his arms and legs from physical therapy—now thriving as a […]

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New Study Finds Danger in Eating Centipedes

Don’t eat raw centipedes. That piece of advice may seem commonsense, but in China, centipedes are used in traditional medicine. Typically prescribed for epilepsy, stroke, cancer, tetanus or rheumatoid arthritis, the arthropods are supposed to be ingested dried, powdered or after being steeped in alcohol—not raw. Scientists in China found evidence that eating raw centipedes […]

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Becoming Accustomed to the US

Beginning a U.S. medical career presents international medical graduates (IMGs) with their own challenges, including learning a new language, and becoming accustomed to a new culture, customs and healthcare landscape. Through the process of acculturation, IMGs adopt the practices and values of American culture while still retaining the culture and customs of their native country. […]

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Inside an AMOpportunities Experience – Neurology in New Jersey

AMOpportunities provides international medical students or graduates (IMGs) the opportunity to participate in US Clinical Experiences. Through four-week long rotations, IMGs are able to come to the United States and gain firsthand knowledge within a clinical setting to enrich their medical knowledge. AMOpportunities sat down with one of these IMGs, Fatima, to get her take […]

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How to Write a C.V.

The curriculum vitae (C.V.) is a vital part of any application process, including the residency matching program process. Many program directors look at an applicant’s C.V. as the first step towards determining whether the applicant would be a good fit for the program. While the C.V. should give some information on your personal and professional […]

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Top 5 IMG Friendly Specialties

Every year, all aspiring physicians must go through the Match to be placed into a residency program. International Medical Graduates (IMGs) participate in the Match process and fill positions in specific medical specialties. Certain specialty residency programs accept more IMGs than others. Here’s a list of the top 5 most IMG friendly specialties, ranked by […]

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An Immigration Lawyer Answers IMG’s Most Asked Questions.

Coming to the United States to practice medicine entails working with immigration authorities to ensure legal entry in the country. AMOpportunities provides a B-1 visa invitation letter for all clinical experiences for eligible students. AMO talked with Lisa Scott, an immigration lawyer based in Chicago, IL, about immigration policies and the current climate for international […]

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