Tips to Prepare for an Online Telehealth Experience

  Online telehealth clinical experiences are becoming increasingly commonplace. Many medical trainees see them as a unique opportunity to earn letters of recommendation while staying safe in the comfort of their homes. As the world transitions to online learning experiences, there will be a learning curve. This is true of online clinical experiences as well. […]

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Medical trainees study for the PLAB

Becoming a Physician in the U.K.: The PLAB

  If you are familiar with the process of becoming a physician in the U.S., you have probably heard of the United States Medical Licensing Exam. Contrary to its name, this is not one but rather a series of four exams that an individual is required to take to become a licensed physician in the […]

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A medical student lears the value of clinical experiences in the U.K.

Becoming a Physician in the U.K.: The Value of Clinical Experiences

  If you read our recent post on obtaining postgraduate medical education in the U.K., you may have noticed that it is very different than securing residency in the U.S. You may have also noticed that there is no mention of clinical experiences or the importance of the letters of recommendation. Does this mean that […]

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Women contemplating COVID-19's Effect on the 2021 Main Residency Match

COVID-19’s Effect on the 2021 Main Residency Match

  It’s safe to say COVID-19 has changed the course of many lives in a matter of just a few short months. It is responsible for the change in school schedules, cancelation of vacations, and postponement of weddings. It is also responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of people, a surge in mental […]

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Medical graduates completing their postgraduate medical education in the U.K.

Becoming a Physician in the U.K.: The Foundation Program

  Considering practicing medicine in the U.K. after completing your medical education? Before you can practice, you will need to meet the General Medical Council’s (GMC) postgraduate education requirements. Below we outline what the GMC requires and how you can meet such requirements no matter where you obtained your medical education.   The General Medical […]

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Two girls, happy they chose to rotate with a friend.

Benefits of Rotating with a Friend

  Traveling to a foreign country can be intimidating. Because of this, some of our visitors coordinate clinical experiences so they can rotate with a friend! If medical interests align, visitors will even participate in the same clinical experience. Others, who have different medical interests, will rotate in the same city but complete their rotation […]

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Physician works on writing a letter of recommendation.

AMO’s Guide to Letters of Recommendation

  What is an LOR? A letter of recommendation (LoR) is a document, generally written on official letterhead, that provides insight on an applicant’s character, experience, and skills from the perspective of someone other than the applicant.  The individual writing the letter should be someone with a professional, rather than personal, relationship with the individual […]

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A group of physicians showing what a doctor wears to work each day.

What Doctors Wear and Why?

  Each year on March 30, we celebrate National Doctors’ Day. We give thanks to the physicians who have impacted and improved our health and our lives. With COVID-19 affecting the world, healthcare workers are pulling long hours in risky health environments. We are more than thankful to them for their bravery and sacrifice. Our […]

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IMG celebrates after meeting requirements to apply to the Match.

Apply to the Match: Eligibility Requirements

  Ranking for the 2020 Match just wrapped up and, with Match Day less than a month away, it is time for medical students and graduates to determine if they will be applying to the 2021 Match. Now is the time for these individuals to check that they meet eligibility requirements. Doing so will ensure […]

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Group of individuals speaking their mother language.

Balancing English and Your Mother Language

  More than 6,000 languages are being spoken around the world today. More than half of the world’s population speaks one of ten languages, including Mandarin Chinese, English, Hindustani, Spanish, Arabic, Malay, Russian, Bengali, Portuguese, and French. The large number of individuals speaking these ten languages is a result of globalization. While closing communication gaps […]

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