Medical Students Interact with End-of-Life Patients

Interacting With the Gravely Ill

End-of-life care is a necessary part of a physician’s career, but medical students aren’t taught how to find out the wishes of dying patients and how to work that into their care plans. For many students, talking about such care can be intimidating. As such, the University of Massachusetts Medical School launched a training program […]

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Top 10 Med School Application Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t Hurt Your Med School Chances

Creating a strong application package is critical for getting into med school. Competition is tough. Students need to find ways they stand out and include activities that will interest an admissions committee the most. As you prepare to put your best self forward, avoid these 10 mistakes. Focusing on sports accomplishments. While participating in sports […]

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Aditya did his clinical rotation in Los Angeles

Share Your AMO Story: Aditya

Aditaya, a medical student from India, enrolled in a general Surgery rotation in California. Her unique experience allowed her to learn about the best patient interaction practices and even how surgery is performed with the assistance of technology. To read about Aditaya’s summer in LA continue reading below! Here’s Aditaya’s Story… Summer School This summer […]

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Doctors Going Over Notes

Living Your Best Life

Future doctors fixate their entire young adult life on preparing for their medical career. In college they take classes and prepare for the MCAT. Medical school takes over students’ lives and after graduation it’s the interview and Match preparation. Once you reach your goal of becoming a doctor, it’s important to make sure your life […]

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Congolese Doctor Wins Nobel For Sexual Violence Work

Doctor Miracle Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

This year’s Nobel Peace Prize was jointly awarded to Yazidi activist Nadia Murad and Congolese Doctor Denis Mukwege for their efforts in working to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war. For Mukwege’s part, he launched the Panzi Hospital nearly 20 years ago in Bukavu—the eastern city of the Democratic Republic […]

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A Lack of Representation for Women in Leadership

A Lack of Female Representation in Healthcare Leadership

Following the same pattern as the majority of other industries, healthcare places a variety of challenges on female physicians, including implicit bias, payment and promotion gaps, and sexual harassment. It’s not shocking, then, that while equal numbers of men and women graduate from medical school, only a small percentage of women doctors become leaders in […]

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