This summer I had the chance to do a general surgery rotation in California. I had a very pleasant stay in Los Angeles. I spent my days either rotating between different hospitals to observe surgery or seeing patients in the office at Cedars-Sinai. Once you enter the hospital, everyone greets you with the happiest smile on their face. Starting off the day in a positive attitude is the best way to boost yourself—after much-needed coffee of course.

Every doctor was somewhat different in the manner they practice and the way they interact with the patient, and I learned the valuable skills necessary to build long, life-standing relationships with patients. In Hollywood, everyone is famous so it was a common instance to see an actor/singer/director come to the clinic with their ailments, and we were more than happy to provide them with medical assistance. All the doctors I have rotated with were very kind and helpful. They were eager to be the best doctors they could possibly be, and that showed in their work. Anything the doctors set their mind to the would strive to excel in it, which was very inspirational for me to see. Whenever I had any doubts or questions they were glad to explain it for me. I learned valuable life lessons I’m going to remember for the rest of my life, and I am very thankful for that.

I also spent some time on the da Vinci Surgical System. It’s mean to be used in minute and long surgeries where the surgeon can sit back comfortably on a chair and remotely control the arms of a robot that does surgery on an open patient. The entire training program consists of about a dozen training modules and some games in the end to make it fun.

Los Angeles is one of the most beautiful and diverse cities I have ever been to. I reserved two weeks after my rotation ended to spend time exploring Los Angeles. It’s a truly beautiful city with many interesting museums, galleries and restaurants to visit.

–Aditya Sharma, Poland

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