Specialty Profile: General Surgery

Despite its name, general surgery is one of many surgery-centered specialties. This specialty requires an individual to have a wide skill set and knowledge base as he or she is responsible for managing both planning and care before, during, and after surgical procedures. This specialty is continuing to evolve as technological advancements allow for greater […]

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Aditya did his clinical rotation in Los Angeles

Share Your AMO Story: Aditya

Aditaya, a medical student from India, enrolled in a general Surgery rotation in California. Her unique experience allowed her to learn about the best patient interaction practices and even how surgery is performed with the assistance of technology. To read about Aditaya’s summer in LA continue reading below! Here’s Aditaya’s Story… Summer School This summer […]

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Crissia and Doctor Los Angeles

Share Your AMO Story: Crissia

Occassionally AMO has students who enjoy rotations so much, they take two! Crissia, a fourth year medical student from Brazil, was one of these individuals. Crissia completed two rotations in sunny California and found a new specialty to pursue. Here’s Crissia’s Story… Reporting for Surgery Even before I was a medical student I wanted to […]

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