Nestled a few hours north of Los Angeles between the Pacific coast and Los Padres National Forest, the beauty of Lompoc, California almost has to be seen to be believed. Rotations at Lompoc Valley Medical Center make it easy to see for yourself while earning valuable clinical experience.

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General Surgery – Lompoc, California

As a trainee in Lompoc’s surgery rotation, you’ll learn about surgery from investigating cases to treatment. In addition to learning clinical skills, you’ll also learn to communicate procedures and their risks to patients and their families.

This rotation offers the chance to follow a specialized curriculum in bariatric surgery, which will be the focus for approximately 50% of the rotation. Through this curriculum, you’ll learn about common abdominal and weight-loss surgeries.

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Internal Medicine – San Luis Obispo, California

Located in San Luis Obispo, California–roughly an hour north of Lompoc, but still tucked between the coast and mountains–you’ll work alongside an internist learning the dynamics of internal medicine for adult patients.

This is a hospital-based program providing you inpatient exposure through shadowing. Non-inpatient parts of the rotation will be observership

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Family Medicine – Lompoc, California

As a trainee in Family Medicine at Lompoc Valley Medical Center, you’ll gain exposure to common primary care conditions. However, you’ll also learn how to document within eClinicalWorks, provide care within the unique challenge of telehealth, interact directly with patients to gather information, explain medical conditions in understandable terms, and work with patients in shared decision-making.

The teaching model for this rotation is 1:1, which opens the potential for strong, personalized LoRs that you can use on the Match!

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Cardiology – Lompoc, California

As an observership rotation, this program is also open to pre-medical students looking to earn shadowing hours. Here, you’ll have exposure to both the clinical setting and hospital setting as you learn about cardiology procedures, patient care, and clinical skills.

The preceptor also shifts in ER, ICU, and telemetry departments, so trainees may have the opportunity to complete internal medicine hours through this rotation.

Through hours in the hospital, patients will gain inpatient exposure through observership only.

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Pediatrics – Lompoc, California

Trainees in Lompoc’s pediatrics rotation will treat infants, toddlers, and early-adolescent patients while learning age-appropriate differential diagnoses. Through observership, trainees will learn pediatric-specific medical skills such as providing immunizations for newborns, communication skills, and navigating EMR.

This rotation has the potential for inpatient exposure, depending on the patient load.

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