Ecuadorian Medical Student, Jaimie, during his Chicago U.S. clinical experience.

Share Your AMO Story: Jaime

  As shared in our recent post, Benefits of Rotating with a Friend, we are beginning to feature AMO visitors who come in pairs and even larger groups. During March, the AMO team had the privilege of spending time with AMO visitors Jaime and Krystel, both of whom participated in Chicago-based clinical experiences. The two […]

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A pediatrician provides care to a child.

Specialty Profile: Pediatrics

  The medical specialty of pediatrics focuses on caring for and managing health issues impacting adolescents, children, and infants. Medical professionals who provide care for this population are referred to as pediatricians. Within the specialty of pediatrics, there are various subspecialties that require additional education to obtain the licenses needed to practice in these areas. […]

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Albanian medical resident during a U.S. clinical experience.

Share Your AMO Story: Besmira

  So, how does a U.S. rotation impact your medical education? Well, we recently got in touch with Besmira, a medical resident from Albania who completed a clinical experience with AMO in 2017. Since then, Besmira started her medical residency in Albania. She is two years into her program and hopes to participate in another […]

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AMO Story: Three Visitor Perspectives

Every year, AMOpportunities provides hundreds of international medical students and graduates with the opportunity to find and complete clinical rotations in the United States. With rotations in many different specialties and in many different areas of the U.S., AMOpportunities helps introduce foreign medical graduates to the American clinical system. Check out what some of our […]

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