What is Asynchronous Telehealth?

  Telehealth is a dominant force in both medicine and medical education. Because it offers so many benefits, including undeniable convenience, it’s likely that telehealth will continue for a long time, even after the present pandemic. When you think of telehealth, you may think of live video streaming consultations between a patient and physician. The […]

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Tips to Prepare for an Online Telehealth Experience

  Online telehealth clinical experiences are becoming increasingly commonplace. Many medical trainees see them as a unique opportunity to earn letters of recommendation while staying safe in the comfort of their homes. As the world transitions to online learning experiences, there will be a learning curve. This is true of online clinical experiences as well. […]

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May 2020 Photo and Blog Contest Winner: Shraddha

  While COVID-19 has been responsible for the cancelation of many events and life experiences, it has not put a pause on medical learning. During May, we had a number of medical trainees complete clinical experiences within the U.S. Many of these experiences contained aspects of telehealth. These remote alternatives to in-patient consultations and appointments […]

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IMG participating in an online telehealth clinical experience

FAQs on Online Telehealth Clinical Experiences

  If you are considering booking one of our online telehealth clinical experiences, you probably have a ton of questions. Online rotations are as much of a new frontier for medical education as telehealth is for the healthcare industry. New things can be both exciting and terrifying. To help get rid of the latter, we […]

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Medical Trainee participating in an online telehealth clinical experience

Online Telehealth Clinical Experiences: Rotate From Home

  Remote learning is becoming increasingly prevalent in this day and age. And why shouldn’t it be? It is a cost-effective and convenient way to expand your knowledge. Because of this, we are extending our clinical experience services to offer you several online telehealth clinical experiences. Like our in-person clinical experiences, those who complete online […]

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A patient attends a telehealth appointment

What is Telehealth?

  You probably video chat or FaceTime your friends and family but, what about your healthcare provider? The adoption of telehealth in healthcare systems around the globe is making this an increasingly common occurrence—especially during our current global pandemic. In the following post, we outline what telehealth entails, its vast benefits, and its place in […]

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Man sick with COVID-19 receiving telemedicine

Could COVID-19 Transform Healthcare?

  Since the virus’s inception, COVID-19 continues to spread. At present, approximately 100 countries have lab-confirmed cases of the infection, despite efforts to contain its spread through quarantine. The CDC has stated that individuals who are at highest risk of contracting COVID-19 are the elderly and those with compromised immune systems, specifically those with heart […]

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