Why IMGs Need Rotations

For international medical graduates, completing a rotation in America serves as a stepping stone for joining a United States residency program. Despite the recent political climate, the need for IMGs in the United States has become increasingly more prevalent. Nearly 25 percent of all practicing physicians in the U.S. are international medical graduates. These physicians […]

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Letters of Recommendation

The American Medical Association (AMA) strongly encourages international medical graduates (IMGs) to participate in U.S. Clinical Experiences (USCE) before deciding to apply to a residency program in the United States. Most, if not all, residency positions require at least 3 months of USCE. Entering an AMOpportunities experience puts you one step ahead by providing these […]

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What Does A U.S. Rotation Cost?

Rotation Cost “Cost” takes on many meanings. Financially, the standard four-week clinical experience costs $1,499 for observerships and $1,999 for hands-on rotations. However, this may vary for certain experiences depending on exposure and physician preference. $499 of the total cost is collected once your resume and eligibility are approved. The remaining balance is paid 45 […]

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Am I Eligible?

AMOpportunites is built upon the goal of giving the international community access to medical education in the United States. Eligibility with us is simple. To embark on one of our clinical experiences, you must be either a medical student or graduate. Through the application and enrollment process, your proof of eligibility comes in the form […]

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Breaking Down the USMLE

Anyone who wishes to practice medicine in the United States must pass the United States Medical Licensure Exam. Through a four-step exam process, the USMLE aims to determine whether a student passes a minimum standard for patient care. Each of the four steps is a separate exam and taken at different points of your medical […]

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Observerships: Your First Experience In U.S. Healthcare

What Is An Observership? AMOpportunities observerships are four-week programs designed to help international medical students and graduates observe clinical practices in a U.S setting. Observerships both acclimate international medical trainees to American medical practices while also preparing them for a residency position should they decide to pursue a program in the United States. A Firsthand […]

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The Benefits of Test Prep

The USMLE The United States Medical Licensure Exam is a necessary step in the process of becoming a physician in the United States. The USMLE is a four-step exam that requires a significant  degree of preparation beforehand. Test prep programs either in the United States or locally can help prepare you for every step of […]

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Planning for a U.S. Residency

U.S. Clinical Experience Completing an AMOpportunities clinical experience is a helpful first step in beginning the residency process in the United States. Upon concluding an AMOpportunities experience, you will gain a better sense of U.S. medical practices to help you decide if you would like to pursue a residency here. An AMOpportunities experience will enrich […]

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B-1 Visas

B-1 Visas AMOpportunities endorses a B-1 visa for four-week clinical experiences. B-1 visas are for temporary business visitors to the United States. Eligibility for a B-1 visa is granted if your trip is for business of a legitimate nature, you plan to stay for a specific amount of time, you have the funds necessary to […]

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IMG At Holy Cross Hospital

How Does It Work?

The AMO Marketplace AMOpportunites is a marketplace for international medical trainees, providing streamlined access to four-week clinical experiences in the United States. By matching, coordinating, recruiting, and advocating for international medical students and graduates, AMOpportunities bridges the gap between trainees looking for clinical experience in America and the many American physicians, clinics, and hospitals looking […]

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