Participating in a clinical experience in another county can be exciting. Before you enter the hospital for your first day, there is a ton of planning that must be done. You’ll need to book your clinical experience, submit required enrollment documents, pay for airfare, plan your housing, and secure a visa.

We know the last step on the list–securing a visa–can be the most nerve-wracking one. We know that for some, earning this document can be difficult. To support our visitors in this, AMOppoprtunities offers B-1 visa invitation letters to those reserving experience with us.

For information on B1 visas, AMO’s invitation letter, and applying for a visa, continue reading below


B1 Visa Overview

B1 visas are for temporary business visitors who are traveling to the United States. Eligibility for a B1 visa is granted with proof of a legitimate business trip. Visitors looking to secure a B1 visa must be able to verify that their stay in the U.S. is temporary, that they have the funds necessary to cover trip expenses,  and that they have plans to return home following the end of the arrangement.

Medical students are eligible to participate in both hands-on and observership clinical experineces with a B1 visa. However, medical school graduates can only earn a B1 visa if they are participating in an observership. Should a medical school graduate wish to participate in a hands-on clinical experience with AMO, they must apply for a visa through the ECFMG and have passed the USMLE Step 1.


Securing a B1 Visa Invitation Letter

After you apply and are accepted into a clinical experience with AMO, you must reserve your seat. Reserving your seat requires you to submit a downpayment for the experience. Paying this fee tells us you are serious about rotating with AMO. It also allows you to request a B1 visa invitation.

In addition to reserving your seat, there are some items you must upload to your AMO account in order to receive the invitation letter. They include:

    • A dean’s letter (current students)
    • A diploma copy (graduates)
    • A passport copy
    • Proof of a scheduled visa interview.

Once these items are in order, your AMO Coach will generate a B1 visa invitation letter for you. This letter, addressed to the Consul General, outlines the basic premises of your clinical experience. This document can be used to start the visa-obtaining process at the United States Consulate in your home country.  


Applying for a B1 Visa

In addition to the invitation letter provided by AMO, you will need a number of other documents for your visa interview. These documents include your CV, two forms of identification (at least your passport), an additional photograph for your visa, proof of address, last transcript, a letter from your school or dean indicating you are a student and authorizing your rotation (if you are a student), your medical degree and letter from your supervisor authorizing your rotation (if you are a graduate), and a DS160 Confirmation Page.

Before you begin securing a visa, you’ll need to apply to and book a clinical experience.

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