The term “cost” can have many meanings when it comes to planning for your U.S. clinical experience. A standard four-week clinical experience through AMO can fall anywhere between $999 and $4199. The specific cost of the experience varies based on the physician, affiliations, location, and type of experience.

Once you apply and are accepted into an experience with AMO, you will be asked to submit a payment of $699 to reserve your spot. The remaining balance is to be paid 45 days before the program start date. If you complete multiple rotations with AMO, a discount may be offered. Discounts can also be provided for those who come in groups or that refer friends or colleagues. 

The listed fee for clinical experiences on our site does not include housing, meals, transportation, insurance, or visa fees. It is your responsibility to both plan and pays for these items. In some cases, your AMO Coach, who you are matched with once your spot is reserved, can make some suggestions. Below are some extra clinical experience costs that you might have overlooked until now.


Clinical Experience Costs



Although we provide lists of available and reasonably priced housing based on your clinic site, you are ultimately responsible for securing and funding your housing. We generally recommend individual books through one of our partner homestays or look at housing through Airbnb. When planning where to stay, you should consider the location of your clinical experience site and ensure that there are good transportation options. So you can arrive at your experience on time consistently.



You must plan both travel to your clinical experience and back home. You will also need to plan how you will get to your clinical experience site each day. Taxis and car rentals can be more expensive while public transportation such as trains and buses can be more affordable alternatives.



All of our clinical experiences require U.S. health insurance coverage, which you will need to purchase. This is relatively affordable; however, you do want to ensure that you do not skip on coverage. Obtaining medical attention in the U.S. can be expensive, and you want all the coverage you can get in the event of an accident or emergency.

Hands-on rotations do require malpractice insurance. Individuals may purchase this on their own or through AMO. Malpractice through AMO costs $199, which is generally cheaper than buying a plan as an individual. 



We streamline the process of organizing and planning for your experience. But, preparing for the experience “costs” effort on your part. We do not directly provide you with a visa or can we guarantee your visa eligibility with the United States government, but we help you along the way. AMO provides a B1 visa invitation to those eligible, but you are ultimately responsible for going through the United States Consulate for approval.



Another aspect of clinical experience costs to consider is time. Deciding to embark on a clinical experience means devoting four weeks of your time to enriching your medical knowledge. Most clinical experiences guarantee a minimum of 20 hours a week. Some experiences may offer more and others less. Because experiences are based on the physician’s workspace, patient load, and admitting privileges, inpatient exposure varies. Understanding what your experience entails and determining if it is sufficient for your needs and interests will ensure you have a clinical experience that is well worth your time.  


The cost of the whole program pays for itself in terms of providing you with a quality clinical experience and the opportunity to earn a letter of recommendation. Based on your performance, your supervising physician may provide a letter of recommendation. Aside from enriching your education, your clinical experience with AMOpportunities can help whether you are planning to apply for jobs in your home country or applying to the U.S. match for residency.


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