Enjoying lockdown but concerned about post-lockdown anxiety

Tackling Post-Lockdown Anxiety

  Did you know that May is Mental Health Month? In an effort to spread awareness on this subject, individuals around the world are sharing their mental health struggles during COVID-19. In many instances, there is an emphasis placed on issues of loneliness and depression, both of which are caused by social isolation, health concerns, and […]

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A daughter and mother celebrating Women's Health Week by meditating

Women’s Health Week: Gender-Based Health Patterns

  It’s no coincidence that Women’s Health Week, which runs from May 10-16, begins on Mother’s Day. This week calls women to take action and prioritize their health. This means taking proactive measures to prevent diseases and illnesses that routinely affect women to a larger extent than men. In this post, we cover gender-specific health […]

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Man struggling with mental health during COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19: Mental Health Stressors and Solutions

  COVID-19 is responsible for over 350,000 deaths, but this virus is claiming more than just lives. The pandemic’s effect on the healthcare industry and the economy has an impact on mental health. With the number of COVID-19 cases continuing to rise in many countries and some discrepancies as to how long the pandemic will last, […]

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Physician Isolation: Creating Community, Ending Stigma

Pressure to be Perfect  Physicians are no strangers to stress despite their composure and professional disposition. Each shift scheduled demands attention to detail which determines the course of a patient’s life. Few professions deal with as much prestige following success or as much guilt following failure as these healthcare practitioners. Perhaps this is why stress, […]

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The Unseen Health Challenges Faced by Physicians

While the stigma surrounding mental health is improving, its association with health care practitioners is relatively unknown to the public. Today, many health care providers deal with burnout, anxiety, depression, and job dissatisfaction. In some cases, this leads to substance abuse and, in severe cases, suicide. The specialties that have the highest rates of burnout […]

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An Introduction to the U.S. Opioid Epidemic

The United States currently faces an opioid epidemic of staggering proportions. According to a recent report from the National Security Council, Americans are more likely to die from an opioid overdose than a car crash. International medical graduates (IMGs) should be cognizant of the current opioid epidemic when coming to the United States. With knowledge […]

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Physician Burnout in the U.S.

New research from the New England Journal of Medicine Catalyst reports that physician burnout is a problem in 83 percent of healthcare organizations. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality defines physician burnout as “a long-term stress reaction. marked by emotional exhaustion, denationalization, and a lack of a sense of personal accomplishment.” Such burnout is increasing at an alarming […]

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Lifestyle Medicine

Physicians and Lifestyle Medicine

A Shift Toward Lifestyle Medicine  The past few years, medical care in the U.S. shifted to focus more on lifestyle medicine. With more research showing a link between lifestyle factors and serious medical conditions, physicians urge patients to practice healthier lifestyles by promoting a healthy diet and quitting smoking.   There is mounting research on the negative effects of lifestyle factors […]

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The Role of Self-Compassion: Physician Mental Health

Physician Mental Health As more conversations on mental health and ending its stigma engage our world, it is important to discuss mental health in the community of healthcare providers as well. Self-compassion and the balance between detachment and empathy are two practices that have recently been touted as essential for a physician’s well-being. Self-Compassion Depression, […]

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Trends Influencing 2019 Healthcare Delivery

The rise of healthcare costs and the middling quality as a result of the shifts in government regulations, drug costs and other events in 2018 only create opportunities to make appropriate changes in 2019. As a result, MedCity News has taken the time to dive into the six key trends they believe will influence healthcare […]

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