Back to Medical School and Residency: Health and Saftey Tips

  For many teens and young adults,  August and early September are bittersweet with summertime freedoms giving way to a new school year and busy schedules. For some pre-med and medical students, this school year will look a little different. Online learning will take the place of traditional classroom instruction and lectures are necessitated by […]

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AMO Partnerships Director, Daniel Rivers, in Brazil

AMO Partnerships: Making Connections in Brazil

  Building Connections At AMOpportunities, we work to build connections. Whether this means connecting with our visitors about their future goals, connecting an individual with a clinical experience, or connecting with institutions to bring our visitors the experiences they want and need. We hold our relationships with partnered schools, student organizations, medical students, and doctors […]

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Medical Education Present and Future, Part 4: Gender Justice

For the last two weeks our blog has served as a platform to explore the effect diversity is having and will continue to have on medical education. Part 1 covered racial diversity, part 2 covered the globalization of medical education, and part 3 covered socioeconomic representation. To wrap the series up, this post will feature […]

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Medical Education Present and Future, Part 2: Globalization

In accordance with AMO’s attendance at the upcoming ChangeMedEd 2019 Conference, our blog will be covering various aspects of diversity in medical education. Part 1 of this series covered racial representation within U.S. medical schools. This post will cover how medical education has become increasing globalized and the effect it will have on the healthcare […]

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Medical Education Present and Future Part 1: Racial Representation

Later this month, the American Medical Association (AMA) will be hosting the ChangeMedEd 2019 Conference in the city of Chicago. The purpose of this conference is to bring together medical institutions, companies, and individuals working to change the way medical education is taught now and will be taught in the future. AMO was recently featured […]

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Celebrating the International Day of Education

Celebrating Educational Equity

The UN celebrated its first International Day of Education on Jan. 24, 2019. The United Nations General Assembly adopted the day to celebrate education’s role in peace and development. As AMO believes education is a human right, CEO Kyle Swinsky reflected on the significance of education as a global purpose—rather than only an international or […]

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Medical School Applicants Are Diversifying

Increasing Diversity in Medical School Applicants

In 2018, medical schools in the U.S. made strides in diversifying their applicant database. The Association of American Medical Colleges reported increases in the number of women and those from some racial and ethnic groups that applied to and enrolled in medical school this fall. For the first time since 2004, more women applied to […]

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Seven Most Competitive Medical Specialties

The Seven Top Competitive Medical Specialties

Close to 95 percent of U.S. allopathic medical students matched for PGY-1 positions in the 2018 Match. But seven specialties proved tough competition. The National Resident Matching Program labels the most competitive specialties as those that match with the highest percentage of U.S. medical student graduates. See below for the seven most competitive in 2018. […]

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Revamping Medical Education

A New Type of Medical Education

A medical student’s education has followed the same path for decades. Learning from books and lectures followed by clinical rotations for exposure to patients. However, as technology continues to evolve in the healthcare field, a gap is created between a student’s medical education and the care that happens outside of their medical school experience. As […]

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Top 10 Med School Application Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t Hurt Your Med School Chances

Creating a strong application package is critical for getting into med school. Competition is tough. Students need to find ways they stand out and include activities that will interest an admissions committee the most. As you prepare to put your best self forward, avoid these 10 mistakes. Focusing on sports accomplishments. While participating in sports […]

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