A clinical experience with AMO is a great opportunity to explore your preferred specialty or subspecialty in a real-world setting. It can reaffirm why you chose that specialty and give you the experience to put classroom knowledge to the test.

However, an AMO clinical experience can also be a great way to explore and learn about a new specialty. You might learn that a specialty is different than how it appeared on paper. Or, like our September Photo/Blog winner, Krishna, you might work with a doctor who inspires you to pursue a new field.

Help us congratulate Krishna by reading his AMO story below!


A Future-Changing Experience

My hands on clinical experience was one of the best learning experiences of my medical career.

I had a great time shadowing with Dr. F and his entire staff. I learned more then I was expecting, ranging from topics such as pulmonary function tests all the way to sleep apnea and its widespread diversity among patients as well its diverse treatment approaches.

Dr. F was always open to discussion about any new topic or article. He not only answered questions but wanted me to think outside the box in new and innovative ways. I also learned from him on how to have an incredible work ethic, while at the same time on how to always to have a smile on my face when listening to and treating patients. I have a new outlook on pulmonology, and I am considering it for my future.

Thank you Dr. F, R , Ms. D and Ms. K for taking me in and teaching me about the USA healthcare system.