In August 2021, Des Moines University Medicine and Health Sciences and AMOpportunities announced a new partnership to provide clinical rotations for medical students in DMU’s College of Osteopathic Medicine.  


A need for seats 

Working with AMOpportunities allows DMU to expand its current clinical rotations through guaranteed program availability from AMO. Students must participate in rotations as part of their curriculum. 

As with most universities and schools during the pandemic, DMU faced a shortage of rotations for its students due to limited capacity or closed programs at hospitals and clinical sites. Now with AMO, the school can select or request programs that fit their students’ needs. 

This added availability for DMU students is rapidly growing in popularity. Since announcing the partnership in August 2021, nine DMU students have participated in clinical rotations. More students have reserved rotations for future months. 


Integrating the student experience 

A unique aspect of the partnership between AMO and Des Moines University is the effort to create a student experience that seamlessly blends into the university experience. Des Moines University’s program coordinators work directly with AMOpportunties’ team of Visitor Experience Coaches to select programs that work with their students’ needs and fit into their curriculum requirements.  

Another aspect of a fully integrated student experience is a unique application process. AMO creates their application and then works with DMU coordinators and students to arrange submission  of immunization records, academic records, and other required documents. Rotation costs for students are already factored into their tuition.