Perhaps there is no better resource for navigating medical school than stories from other medical students. Medical student stories help those earlier in their education navigate the path ahead with insight into what to expect, tips for success, and even just act as evidence that it will work out.

At the inaugural World Medical Studies Conference, multiple medical students joined to share their medical school stories and answered questions attendees had about their own journeys.


A Medical Student’s Experience – Raad AlHmoud; Internal Medicine Resident at Al Habib Hospital

As an AMO Ambassador, Raad has shared his story many times in writing and by answering student questions in many webinars. However, during the World Medical Studies Conference, Raad was finally able to sit down and talk through his story from beginning medical school, to attending U.S. clinical experiences, and finally to beginning residency.

During his presentation, Raad discussed all the things that make medical school important, such as letters of recommendation and how to find clinical experiences. But he also reminded attendees to step back and enjoy the journey.

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From Student to MD: Sharing My Academic Journey – Pavel Pichardo; Research Assistant at the National Cancer Institute

Another entry in the WMSC’s medical student stories track comes from Pavel, a medical school graduate and research assistant who has hopes of becoming a neurosurgeon in the U.S.

In his session, Pavel reflected on his medical education journey from beginning to end. However, Pavel discusses his journey from the perspective of having the goal of practicing in the U.S. This goal has informed many decisions throughout his medical education journey, making this session a must-see for any medical student with U.S. residency hopes.

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Turning Passion into Purpose: Educational and Advocacy Opportunities within AMSA – Tasha Phillips-Wilson; International Trustee at AMSA

Medical student stories from those who have come out on the other side are great, but so is hearing about the experiences of your peers who are still in school.

Representing the American Medical Student Association, Tasha hosted a session to discuss the professional and social benefits of joining AMSA. While extracurricular opportunities through your school look great on your CV, AMSA offers additional extracurricular and networking opportunities that allow you to channel your passions into professional development opportunities.

In her session, Tasha dives into the ways a student organization, such as AMSA, helps students identify their passions within the field of medicine and creates a network of support that you can grow alongside and learn from.

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