Women Physician practicing neurosurgery.

Specialty Profile: Neurosurgery

  Neurosurgery is the medical specialty that manages and delivers care to patients with disorders of the nervous system and their supportive structures, which includes the brain, spinal cord, and spinal column. Physicians who specialize in neurosurgery are referred to as neurosurgeons or brain surgeons. These individuals are highly regarded in the medical field and […]

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Emergency medicine specialists tending to a patient.

Specialty Profile: Emergency Medicine

  The medical specialty of emergency medicine focuses on caring for patients with injuries and sicknesses that cannot be put on hold. Emergency medicine specialists work on unscheduled cases, with each day presenting new patients and unexpected medical problems. The type of care emergency medicine providers give can be described as a cross between internal medicine […]

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Specialty Profile: Otolaryngology

  Otolaryngology is the medical specialty that diagnoses diseases and illnesses impacting the head and neck. Included are issues impacting the ears, nose, and throat. Common cases seen by otolaryngologists include ear infections, tinnitus, asthma, deviated septums, dizziness, tonsilitis, allergies, nasal congestion, and sore throats, among other things. It is the oldest medical specialty still […]

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Internal Medicine Physician works with a patient.

Specialty Spotlight: Internal Medicine

  Internal medicine is comparable to both family medicine and pediatrics, but rather than working with patients of many ages, this medical specialty focuses on treating adults only. These physicians diagnose, treat, and prevent a variety of illnesses. Internists frequently see patients for physicals and routine maintenance of chronic conditions. Doctors who practice internal medicine […]

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Specialty Profile: Neurology

  Neurology is a medical specialty that deals with diagnosing and treating diseases that impact the nervous system. Individuals with coordination issues, muscle weakness, headaches, or changes in their physical sensations may need help from a neurologist. In some cases, the symptoms above can be linked to spinal cord disorders, MS, strokes, seizures, or other […]

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Specialty Profile: Cardiology

  A specialty within internal medicine, cardiology focuses on diagnosing and treating diseases and issues affecting the heart and cardiovascular system. The most common issues treated by cardiologists include heart disease, atrial fibrillation, hypertension, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Cardiology, also known as cardiovascular disease, can be further broken down into sub-specialties. Those interested […]

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Specialty Profile: Pathology

  Pathology is depended upon by nearly every other medical specialty and subspecialties as it deals with the study of diseases and their treatments. Pathologists spend most of their time completing and interpreting lab tests as well as consulting physicians on how to treat based on their findings. Pathology can be broken down into two […]

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Specialty Profile: Oncology

  The medical specialty of Oncology focuses on diagnosing and treating cancer. Prevention has been another area focused on by this specialty in recent years. Oncology can be broken into radiation oncology and medical oncology. A single patient may need treatment from each of these specialties depending on the seriousness of their case. Radiation, medicine, […]

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Specialty Profile: Family Medicine

  Internists work with adults and Pediatricians work with children. Family physicians work with both these age groups to provide quality care and address a range of symptoms and illnesses. In this position, family physicians can work with a single patient over the course of their life. The bond formed during this time can help […]

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Specialty Profile: Rheumatology

  The medical specialty of rheumatology focuses on diagnosing and treating rheumatic diseases. These diseases affect an individual’s joints, connective tissue, and musculoskeletal system. In many cases, these diseases and disorders cause loss of motion and decrease an individual’s quality of life. Nearly 200 diseases and disorders are treated by rheumatologists. Common causes include arthritis. […]

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