In June 2018, AMOpportunities and Saint Anthony Hospital, a community hospital in Chicago, announced the formation of a partnership to provide international medical trainees and graduates with access to hospital-based clinical rotations. In November 2018, Saint Anthony hosted their first AMO visitor.  

A focus on diversity

Located on Chicago’s west side, Saint Anthony serves a diverse community and makes diversity and inclusion a vital part of its hospital’s culture. In partnering with AMO, Saint Anthony creates the opportunity to host a diverse pool of medical trainees from all over the world. This demonstrates the importance Saint Anthony places on fostering a community of inclusion and strengthens the cultural relationships between physician and patients. 

In February 2019, Saint Anthony hosted eight medical trainees from China through AMO on a personalized two-week program. Trainees rotated in pediatrics, internal medicine, and anesthesiology. Since then, Saint Anthony has hosted more than 50 medical trainees through AMO and now offers rotations in 14 specialties. The hospital has even hosted a medical student from Singapore who rotated for an entire year to complete her core requirements for medical school. 

A third-party agreement and expanded opportunity

AMO’s partnership with Saint Anthony Hospital strengthened in 2020 following a third-party agreement with Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara School of Medicine, a top medical school in Mexico. Through this agreement, a pipeline was established between Saint Anthony Hospital and UAG in which UAG sends a bi-annual cohort of medical trainees to Saint Anthony Hospital in Chicago for six months to complete their core curriculum requirements. This pipeline allows medical trainees to receive the clinical training they need to become U.S. physicians and addresses the need for foreign-trained physicians practicing at U.S. community hospitals to combat the looming physician shortage. 

 While at Saint Anthony, UAG trainees undergo a rotation experience that meets the curriculum requirements outlined by UAG. Trainees’ rotation costs are covered by tuition payments already paid to UAG. 

Reception among physicians

Physicians have found the benefit in a partnership with AMO.  

“They’re organized. They’re efficient. And they take away a lot of the work that has to do with bringing [in] students.” says Dr. Mena Lora, a precepting physician at Saint Anthony Hospital. “It’s all the good without the bad.” 

Vice President of Business Development, and Chairman of Pediatrics and Medical Education, Romeen Lavani, MD, also sees the benefit of his hospital’s partnership with AMO.  

“This partnership with AMO gives SAH the opportunity to train some of the best medical students from highly prestigious schools around the world,“ he says. 

International medical graduates not affiliated with UAG international medical trainees can attend clinical rotations at Saint Anthony Hospital through AMO in all specialties for six to twelve‐week clerkships and four‐week electives. 

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About Saint Anthony Hospital 

For more than a century, Saint Anthony Hospital has been a community‐centered organization, serving more than 400,000 residents on Chicago’s West and Southwest Sides. Saint Anthony Hospital, its affiliated clinics and community wellness centers provide quality health and wellness services, as well as a wide variety of free bilingual community health education and outreach programs. 


About AMO 

AMOpportunities, Inc. is a Chicago-based company that manages clinical training for schools, hospitals, and students globally. The company’s end-to-end software solution has provided more than 3,000 students rotations at 250-plus clinical sites. They count Kaplan Medical and AMSA as partners as well as institutions such as University of Miami, UChicago Medicine, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, Florida International University, and UI Health. More information at 


About UAG 

Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara has always been distinguished among Mexican universities by its long and fruitful participation in international education initiatives, which are coordinated and supported by its International Programs Office, which is the main link between the UAG and many international institutions worldwide.