Managing COVID-19: Countries with Low Case Numbers

  Although COVID-19 is taking a backseat to other important issues within the country, case numbers in the U.S. are continuing to soar. Southern states, which previously had fewer restrictions than those in the north and west, are emerging as hotspots. This is not the case all around the world, though. In many parts of […]

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Wait, Racism and Environmentalism are Connected?

  As it turns out, fighting for Black communities can save the environment as well! Environmental racism is the term used to describe when racism and environmentalism collide. The name acknowledges that the existence of systemic racism has allowed POC and other minority groups to bear the brunt of pollution to land, air, and water. […]

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Examining the Lifespans of COVID-19 and Racism

Protesters have converted the 1.7-mile long fence surrounding the White House into a monument for racial injustice. The fence holds signs supporting the Black Lives Matters movement and memorializes members of the Black community killed by police.   In our other posts regarding the Black Lives Matter movement, we mentioned that two public health issues […]

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What the Racial Wealth Gap Means for Healthcare

  A lot has changed in the U.S. since the 1960s. Football, not baseball, is the most-watched sport. Fewer people are smoking. More people are getting tattoos. Cell phones are preferred over corded telephones. TVs are slimmer. Oh, and the internet exists! While many improvements have been made, the same cannot be said for the […]

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Police brutaility being protested

Police Brutality: A Public Health Issue

  It is impossible to escape the horror of what happened to George Floyd on May 25. The ongoing racism and police brutality displayed by law enforcement is something to be addressed head–on as it’s a public health issue. Although this public health issue is often overlooked, it has a long and heartbreaking history in the U.S., one closely associated with race […]

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USMLE Step 2 CS Suspended for 12+ Months

  When COVID-19 first hit the U.S., the Federation of State Medical Boards and National Board of Medical Examiners, both sponsors of the exam, were quick to put the United States Medical License Examination Steps on hold. This decision was made in respect for the safety of examinees and test administrators. As the situation progresses, […]

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People traveling during COVID-19

Safety Tips for Traveling During COVID-19

  You carefully selected a clinical experience. You applied, waited for acceptance, and then excitedly reserved your spot. You completed enrollment and began planning for your time in the U.S. Now, you have concerns about traveling during COVID-19. Is it safe to board a flight at this time? If you are not under a travel […]

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COVID-19: The Race Towards a Vaccine

  Although healthcare and governmental professionals were hopeful that antibody testing would be a reliable indicator of COVID-19, inconsistent tests, and unclear data has pushed scientists to ramp up their efforts to find a vaccine. As early as March, scientists began submitting outlines for trials. At first, regulatory committees were concerned about the safety and […]

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Enjoying lockdown but concerned about post-lockdown anxiety

Tackling Post-Lockdown Anxiety

  Did you know that May is Mental Health Month? In an effort to spread awareness on this subject, individuals around the world are sharing their mental health struggles during COVID-19. In many instances, there is an emphasis placed on issues of loneliness and depression, both of which are caused by social isolation, health concerns, and […]

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A daughter and mother celebrating Women's Health Week by meditating

Women’s Health Week: Gender-Based Health Patterns

  It’s no coincidence that Women’s Health Week, which runs from May 10-16, begins on Mother’s Day. This week calls women to take action and prioritize their health. This means taking proactive measures to prevent diseases and illnesses that routinely affect women to a larger extent than men. In this post, we cover gender-specific health […]

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