The White House announced Monday that it will be lifting its travel ban on 33 countries in early November for all fully vaccinated travelers to the United States. For those flying into the U.S. proof of full COVID-19 vaccination will be necessary along with a negative Covid-19 test taken no more than three days before departure.

The travel ban, which was announced during the Trump administration and extended by Biden earlier this year, was shown to be ineffective against slowing the spread the virus. By lifting the travel ban, the U.S. is able to take a more concentrated effort in stopping Covid-19 cases spread through travel. White House coronavirus response coordinator, Jeff Zients, who made the announcement, said that lifting the travel ban allows the U.S. to take an individual-based approach rather than a country-based approach, which he sees as a “stronger system”. This is because it allows the U.S. to utilize the vaccine–the most successful tool in preventing the spread of the coronavirus–rather than attempting to police geographic hot spots.

The U.S. has been slow to re-open for travel to the frustration of international allies, and in some cases the U.S. returned to restricted travel lists. In June, the European Union relaxed its restrictions on U.S. travelers, but until Monday’s announcement, this leniency had not been reciprocated by the U.S. Although a specific lift date is still unannounced, the announcement is still exciting progress as the U.S. prepares to accept visitors for the first time since its initial travel ban on China was enacted in March 2020.

Per NPR, the newly announced travel requirements do not apply to ground travel from Canada or Mexico.


The Lifted Travel Ban and Your AMO Rotation

At AMOpportunities, we want to make traveling for your clinical experience as smooth as possible. In coming weeks, the White House is expected to make further announcements regarding lifting the travel ban restrictions, such as a list of accepted vaccines for travel as well as contact tracing requirements that airlines will be instructed to follow. We will continue to update our blog and social media with information as we learn it.

If you are currently approved for a rotation, your AMO Coach will be a great resources for what lifting the travel ban means for your individual situation. If you are interested in a clinical experience through AMO and have questions about what the travel ban means for you, our team of advisors will be happy to help! Reach out at

This is a long-anticipated announcement, and we expect this news to cause seats to fill quickly. Explore and reserve your AMO clinical experience by clikcing here.