Founding stories of people, organizations, and movements exist for a reason. These stories remind people of fundamental values and principles that led to something much more important.

Juneteenth is the celebration of a pivotal moment in history that attaches its meaning to something much more important. That moment was when the last of those enslaved in America learned of their freedom after the Civil War on June 19, 1865. That moment gave hope of a better tomorrow for African Americans, but we all know the struggle for freedom never ended.

Celebrating Juneteenth is all about doing morenot just celebrating the emancipation of slavery but also taking the time to keep this fight for freedom alive.

The symbolism in Juneteenth is about honoring that moment of freedom and also acknowledging that the fight for equality and equity in the African American community continues. In the last year, we witnessed a new moment on this journey when Black Lives Matter amplified its voice and place on a global stage, and organizations united to bring more discussions into the workplace.

AMO not only exists to help those in need but stands strongly in celebrating Juneteenth. This year is significant for us because it is our first year officially recognizing the holiday and celebrating as a company. While the values have always been instilled in AMO, we decided to make a bigger impact. Juneteenth has always had special meaning, and we are happy this year it means even more.

Ideas on How to Celebrate Juneteenth

This year, we look back and always know we can do better. This year our employees are given a day off to observe Juneteenth.  We are encouraging our team to take the day and celebrate the importance of this holiday. Throughout our home city of Chicago, and the country, there will be many celebrations. Here are some ideas on how to celebrate Juneteenth in your area.

Happy Juneteenth!