With today’s healthcare worker shortages, physician assistants are crucial to expanding patient access to care. For PA students, this makes quality clinical training with practical, hands-on experience essential. When that training comes from today’s PAs, not only do students learn from a mentor in their direct field, but PA schools prefer physician assistant preceptors for their students to help stay aligned with ARC-PA requirements.  

By bridging the gap between current PAs who wish to precept and PA programs in need of clinical sites, we at AMOpportunities aim to enhance the overall educational experience and ensure future PAs are well-equipped for their careers. 

The Value of Mentorship 

When today’s PAs train tomorrow’s PAs, students benefit immensely from the knowledge and experience of those who have walked the same path. This mentorship not only prepares students for the practical challenges of healthcare but also fosters a sense of community and continuity within the profession. Effective mentorship is a key component in producing competent and confident healthcare providers who are ready to make a difference from day one. 

Bridging the Training Gap 

AMOpportunities plays a pivotal role in connecting PAs interested in precepting with PA schools that require clinical sites. Our extensive network ensures that students have access to diverse training opportunities, while preceptors can share their expertise and give back to the profession. This symbiotic relationship helps maintain high standards of education and prepares students for the dynamic environment of modern healthcare. 

Alignment with Accreditation Standards 

As PA accreditation standards evolve, it becomes increasingly important for educational programs to stay aligned with these changes. By involving current PAs in the training of future PAs, schools can better adapt to new requirements and ensure their programs meet the highest standards. Preceptors play a vital role in this process, bringing current clinical practices into the educational framework and helping to maintain a relevant and rigorous curriculum. 

Support for Preceptors 

At AMOpportunities, we are committed to making the precepting experience as rewarding and seamless as possible. Whether you are an experienced preceptor or new to the role, we provide the necessary support to ensure a positive experience. Our designated coordinators handle the administrative workload, allowing preceptors to focus on what they do best—teaching and mentoring students. Additionally, we foster close relationships with PA schools to ensure that both preceptors and students have a cohesive and productive experience. 

Precepting is about more than teaching; it’s about shaping the future of the PA profession. At AMOpportunities, we strive to make this process easier and more effective for both preceptors and students. By enhancing mentorship, aligning with accreditation standards, and providing robust support, we are rewriting the script on PA clinical education. If you are interested in becoming a PA preceptor or learning more about how we can collaborate to support PA training, we would love to discuss this with you. Contact us to schedule a meeting and join us in our mission to advance PA education. 



Interested in becoming a PA preceptor? Connect with our recruitment team at recruitment@amopportunities.org