To practice at American residency programs, international medical trainees must take part in clinical rotations in the United States.

AMOpportunities provides these trainees with U.S. clinical rotations, and our new partnership with Saint Anthony Hospital in Chicago creates a pipeline to address the growing need for foreign-trained physicians at U.S. community hospitals. Clinical rotations affiliated with AMOpportunities at Saint Anthony Hospital will be in all specialties for six- to twelve-week clerkships and four-week electives.

With nearly 30% of U.S. physicians being foreign-trained, AMOpportunities provides an opportunity for international medical students to gain clinical rotation experience in the United States. Serving more than 400,000 Chicagoan residents, Saint Anthony Hospital is a community-centered organization located on Chicago’s West and Southwest sides.

Kyle Swinsky, CEO of AMOpportunities, notes the importance of this collaboration.

“This affiliation is the first of its kind, as traditionally hospitals partner with individual schools creating a single pipeline,” he says. “This makes it difficult for many hospitals to attract the top talent from the largest pool.”

The partnership, possible due to AMOpportunities’ software screening, application and matching abilities, will bring top students from across the globe to a first-class hospital.

“Saint Anthony Hospital has helped produce excellent physicians, a good number of them from other countries, and who eventually went on to serve our communities here in the United States,” says Romeen Lavani, MD, the Chairman of Pediatrics and Medical Education at Saint Anthony Hospital. “This new partnership with AMO will give SAH the opportunity to train some of the best medical students from highly prestigious schools around the world.”

To read more about AMOpportunities or to apply for a rotation, check out our website.